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Paul Sandouk HVAC

HVAC Services in Irving, TX

Get free estimates from air-conditioning and heating contractors near you
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Paul Sandouk HVAC

HVAC Services in Irving, TX

Get free estimates from air-conditioning and heating contractors near you
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About Paul Sandouk HVAC

Hi, my name is Paul Sandouk and I provide heating & air conditioning sales and services for all makes and models including ductless systems.

I specialize in residential and commercial tenant improvement.

Licensed and insured: TACLB52461E

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Installing and servicing all makes and models including ductless systems and efficient duct work for residential homes and commercial buildings.


Sell and service all makes and models of heating & air conditioning units for residential and commercial use, specializing in ductless systems.

Questions and Answers

  • How can we save money hiring you?
Consider bringing your existing AC unit up to date if it is 10 - 15 years old. If newer, have regular seasonal maintenance. A dirty unit can add 15% or more to your energy bill. Also, have the duct work checked in your home or business to see if the air distribution is optimum.
  • What types of jobs are the most common?
Installation of new systems and duct work. Troubleshooting homes 20 years old and older. Service, repairs and upgrading existing heating & air conditioning systems.
  • What is important to know about your profession?
An air conditioning & heating contractor is required to be licensed and insured in the State of Texas.
  • What do you recommend to know before hiring you?
It's important to know the size (square footage) of the home or business. If there are any problems with the air circulation system that you presently have.
  • What are you most proud of?
A homeowner wanted a new package AC unit installed and was having problems with the air flow to the second floor. I first discovered flex duct (for inside use only) was installed on the outside of the house connected to the unit. Next, I noticed the return duct was at least 25 ft long in an open cavity in the interior wall. Most of the air going back to the unit was being pulled down all open wall bays (spaces between the studs) and not much from the house and very little from upstairs. This was fixed by shorting the return duct and placing it in the proper place for this two-story home and the flexible duct that was outside was replaced with a proper metal duct. The home is well balanced now and more efficient.
  • How many projects do you average in a year?
We do many projects every year from commercial tenant improvement to residential remodels and service and repairs.
  • What we may not know about you?
I have worked for more than 25 years with expert HVAC professionals and specialized in troubleshooting older homes that had been duct incorrectly. US Army Veteran & received a Purple Heart in Vietnam.
  • What questions should a customer ask before hiring you?
If the HVAC contractor is licensed and insured and what is their guarantee policy on the service work performed.
  • Do you offer any service after finishing the work?
A 1 year guarantee on the labor. We consider ourselves the ones to call for further service and are available if any problems arise.
  • How did you get started?
I started in the late eighties, with a friend who was just starting his business. This is where I learned how to install and troubleshoot duct work. I was the main installer and soon became the New Duct Doctor!
  • What kind of questions do customers ask you?
Is the unit I currently have the right tonnage for my home?Yes and no, if the unit is too large for the home, it will not cycle correctly and will not properly cool or heat.Is the duct work the proper size and in the best places?
Irving, TX 75061
   (469) 401-6615
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Paul is honest and not afraid to explain all that he is doing for you. His prices are always fair. I called 4 other professional HVAC companies and asked them to fix my AC unit. They all told me the same thing. You just need to buy a new inside unit (Heat pump air handler) for $4,700 (That was the cheapest bid). Paul installed my system in less than three hours, using parts that I bought (Which no one else will do), and his total bill for labor, trip and Freon was $700. He was $1,300 cheaper on labor and also helped me buy the right kind of air handler direct from the factory for less than $1,000. I saved $3,000 because he was willing to help me. It's run all summer better than it has in the 5 years I lived here. This week, the outside unit fan stopped working, so I called him.out, He came out and replaced a capacitor and put a new motor in for less than $300 including his trip charge. Call any HVAC company and get a quote on what they charge for their freon by the pound. Then call Paul and get a quote. You'll see the difference. His work is done right too. Unbelievable! Thanks Paul. Anyone can call me if you need a reference.


Paul was recommended to us by our next door neighbors who were very satisfied with the cost of the A/C system installation and the professional work they had done. I am also very satisfied with their installation of the two new A/C systems I had selected. He and his assistant did an excellent job removing the old systems, and installing and testing the new A/C units and gas furnaces. He answered all my questions and I have peace of mind knowing that the job was done right, no surprises. I highly recommend his excellent expert work! : )

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