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Concord, NH

About Pillar Home and Business Services, LLC

Pillar Home and Business Services, LLC is a full service repair,remodeling, and maintenance company. Our company has been established 2005 and filled reputable repair service that provide quality work at resonable prices.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Emergency services
  • Insulation
  • Windows, doors and decks
  • Siding (vinyl, fiber cement, cedar plank and shingle)
  • Garages
  • Drywall
  • Power washing
  • Interior and exterior trim
  • Seamless gutters
  • Finished basements
  • Wood floors
  • Ventilation
  • Painting
  • Tile
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Farmers porches
  • Driveway seal coating

We strive for excellence. We take the time to listen to our clients so we may provide them with solutions. We also invest the time to educate clients on the latest materials and techniques so they are an informed consumer, choosing what is best for them and their sanctuary. Our customers say we're the best in the business.

We only use the best materials, and dedicated to complete each project in a timely manner. We do it right the first time. We are available to you even when the job is completed.

Let us begin a relationship that could last a lifetime. Contact us today!


Home repair, maintenance and restoration, insulation, decks, windows, doors, siding, interior and exterior trim, rot repair, power washing, basement remodeling, wood floors, welding, chimney caps, ventilation in basements and attics, farmers porch construction, cabinet installation, sun rooms, Emergency services, gutters, electric water heater replacement, metal roof

restoration, garage and carport construction, drywall installation, fire escape fabrication, Painting, small demolition,


  • Azak
  • GAF
  • Elk
  • CertainTeed
  • Grace
  • Anderson
  • Pella
  • Mohawk
  • Hardy
  • Green fiber
  • Roxul
  • Harvey
  • Wolverine
  • Mid America
  • Cobra
  • Inland Coatings
  • Velux
  • Tamko
  • Bilco
  • Owings Corning
  • Iko
  • Sun Shade

Remodeling cost guides

Handyman Cost
Typical average cost to hire a handyman in Concord is around $120 - $350 (per project basis e.g. fixing tiles)

Concord, NH 03303
Contact Ed Cunha
Payment options
Ed Cunha accepts cash, checks and credit cards
Hourly rate: From $18 to $59

  • Correct Deck Certified Installer
  • Lead Safe Certified
  • CertainTeed Siding Master Craftsman
  • CertainTeed Insulation Master
  • CertainTeed Building Solution Certificate
  • CertainTeed Restoration Millwork Certified
  • CertainTeed House Wrap Certified
  • CertainTeed Weather Board Certificate
  • CertainTeed Centra-Wrap Master craftsman
  • CertainTeed FiberCement Master Craftsman
  • CertainTeed Quality Master Shingle Technology

Cities served
Manchester, Concord and Laconia
Services offered

When I meet with a client I listen to there needs and desires and what they would like to expect to be accomplished. For instance we had a client who wanted us to Construct a rather large deck to extend there living space. They had all sorts of pictures torn out of magazines witch is great. They wanted lighting, glass baulsters to view the wild life and all to be constructed out of sythedic decking material.

My first question was how long did you plan on living in this home. There answer was for about two years. I kindly pointed out that with the items they desired that they would never recoup there investment.

We spoke about down sizing the deck and make some changes on decking material.

They where able to have a deck that was sutable and also was able to recoup there investment in the sale because of the changes we made.

Unfortuneately there are some people out there that are not very repatable. Before you hire a profestional make sure that you do the following.

1. If you agree that they do the job have there insurance company email there certificate of insurance to naming you the certificate holder. This accomplishes three things. (A) If for any reason there insurance is canceled or they cancel there insurance the insurance company is obligated by law to inform you.

  • (B) You know they are probably a reputable company.
  • (C) You know without question there insured.
  • 2. Ask for references of jobs they did recently.
  • 3. Go on line to see if there in good standing with the state.

PILLAR Home and Business is Veteran owned and operated.

I Took great pride serving this wonderful nation as I do all my clients.

We are proud of every job that we work on and complete.

After working for several contractors and seeing items being overlooked not being completed in a professional manor I could not allow myself to be affiliated with them any longer. My intention is not to speak badly of theses General contractors because they are great people and sometimes it was not directly there doing. When you are a general contractor you can have several sub contractor's working for them at the same time to accomplish a job and it is here that the quality control is in many cases laps.

The difference between us is that I, the owner is on every job and is in communication with the client at all times. There is no sales men or foremen playing telephone tag with.

One person speaks to you and maintains a daily dialog with.

We have many clients who live out of state and we send them photos on a daily basis if they so require.

If we do have subs I am also on the job to insure quality and the description in the contract is to my satisfaction.

We also go through a punch list with our clients at the end of the job or depending on the size of the job we conduct a punch list at the end of each phase.

We average about 112 projects a year. We can be on some projects from a few months to several jobs in a week. We have a policy not to overbook so we can maintain our stringent quality and workmanship. We do not begin work on a project until we have completed the last one.

Restoration and remodeling makes up about 73% of our projects. We can insulate older homes exterior walls from the outside that had no insulation to begin with.

many people love older homes and after they purchase them find out that a floor is sagging or they need a new water heater.

If you're a couple take into consideration the others needs and desires and come to a common agreement. If it is a large project have some sketches drawn up or even some photos taken out of a magazine. Look at a reasonable time line for this project to be accomplished. Look at a budget you are willing to spend. Be open to alternatives. Remember that you're the king of your castle. The contractor works for you and should make your dreams a reality not what they give you is what you get. Find someone you feel comfortable with. After all your going to see them most likely on a daily basis until the job is complete. Make sure everyone is on the same page. If it is a major job insist that a contract is signed by both parties. A contract is to insure that everyone is on the same page and that the items specified are completed. A contract is a vehicle to insure a smooth relationship.

Do you have a warranty on your work?

No, We are unable to warranty materials because we have no control over manufacturing but most all the materials we utilize are covered under the manufactures warranty. That is why we strive to be certified in the items we install. If the items are not installed correctly then the material is void. If the material is installed correctly and the material fails most all manufactures will honor the warranty.

Are you registered with the state?

Do you intend to be the GC (general contractor)utilizing subs.

Will you be the person doing the work and will you be on the sight while work is being conducted?

Will you be responsible for doing a construction grade clean up at the end of the project?

How long do you think the project will take?

How much is you binder for?

Will your insurance agent send me your binder as a certificate holder?

Have you had experience in this job?

Before we even meet with our clients and finish a job we invest in product research and techniques. We want to know all the capabilities as well as short comings of any product we utilize and to know how to install them properly to maximize the customers satisfaction and product warrantees. We are citified in several of the products we install. With our investment in product knowledge and installation, we can provide our customers with a range of warrantees depending on the items installed. We proudly stand behind all our work.



Responded quickly,.
Listened to our needs and gave us several options to fit our budget.
They kept there work area neat and upon leaving left it cleaner than it was wen they started.
Communication was excellent. Ed would speak with us at the end of each day before leaving or called that evening to speak with us if we where not home.

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