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Abington, MA

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My name is Michael D'Andrea and I'm a part-time welder (MIG & ARC). I do mostly mild steel but I can do stainless and aluminum with the MIG welder.

I can severance cut up to 7/8" of steel and precision cut 5/8" without any problem. I can also cut aluminum.

I've had experience welding heavy-duty construction equipment, roll cages for cars/trucks/buggies, trailers, even big BBQs and smoke pits.

I'm looking for some new projects to work on. In addition, I also build furniture from steel and do custom counter and tables.

Show me what you need/want welded and we can figure out a price.

I guarantee it'll be much less than a welding outfit will charge. I fully guarantee my work to be safe and professional.


I specialize in plasma cutting for the general public as well as welding services for a variety of metals including:

  • Mild Steel
  • Rolled Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless

I can work on a wide range of equipment that is in need of repairs.


I work with a Lincoln Idealarc welder and LN7 wire feeder, Dewalt cutoff saws and grinders and an Everlast plasma cutter.

Abington, MA 02351
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Michael D'Andrea accepts cash and checks
Cities served
Brockton, Quincy, Braintree, Randolph, Stoughton, Milton, Bridgewater, Canton and Abington
Services offered

I began almost 8 years ago repairing equipment for my father with some of our old ARC welders kicking around the shop.

I never stopped and have since gained skills in plasma cutting and MIG welding.

I wish they knew that this sort of work is extremely time consuming with zero margin for error. One wrong cut and the project could be destroyed.

You need to know the type of metal you're working with or would like to have welded/cut. You'd also ideally want to know roughly what the outcome of the project should look like so I can match it.

The most common type of job is patch work on trailers and heavy equipment.

I can offer finishing which could include several layers of clear coating to protect the metal or a high-temp paint. This is to prevent discoloration or rusting on various metal surfaces.

I am a financial analyst during the week.

If you can source the metal for less, do so! I buy my steel new because it can get delivered to me quickly.

They should ask me what kind of skills I have and what experience I have cutting and welding steel. They might also want to ask how long the job will take to complete as I can get inundated with work at certain times of the year.

It all depends on the economy and the types of projects people would like to get done but I usually see anywhere from 30-40 different projects.

I am most proud of the BBQ Smoker I built for a customer. It was built on a 5'x8' trailer and could hold almost 250 lbs of meat!


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