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My name is Angel Castillo. I specialize in any and all plumbing jobs. I work for myself to help others with their plumbing needs.

I have been doing business for 6 years, covering all of Chicago and neighboring suburbs. I will explain all that can happen and/or benefits of that particular job.

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All plumbing areas, including:nn* Water heatersn* Washer dryersn* Water softenersn* Garbage disposalsn* All kitchen and bathroom faucetsn* Dishwashersn* Rodding of all drainsn* Sump pumps and ejector pitsn* All house gas lines


moen, american standard, Tuscany, rigid, Milwaukee, ryobe. that's just a few products that i work with and/or handle.

River Grove, IL 60171
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Angel Castillo accepts cash and checks

Plumbing that's why im in this business.

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Chicago, Des Plaines, Cicero, Evanston, Berwyn, Skokie, Downers Grove, Mount Prospect, Oak Park, Lombard and other cities within 20 miles of River Grove.
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I was approached to work for a couple of weeks as a laborer. digging for the most part. the head guy seen i worked always on time and after a couple of weeks he ask me if i wanted to join the team. I'm happy to say that, it was the best decision i ever made. working with my hands ever since. love plumbing and the money aint bad either.

with a crew of 2. its easy to say that i do about 1 a month. rough and trim so i spend time learning how i can improve and what i can do different next time.

questions like what would you do if _______? where do you get your product? how long have you been doing this? what happens if______?

will i all ways say that its not always better cheaper. sometimes you have to spend a little extra to be happy and satisfied with the product or job.

if they need to do or keep maintains on that particular product. or how to keep it running at it capacity.

How long they have been doing plumbing for?nnIf they have all and what it takes to do the jobnnAsk what’s their opinion or what they recommend for the job that they are there to do

frequent questions are...what can i do if i have a leaking water pipe? what can i do to have more hot water? my answer to the first question is, look for a valve for that tier and shut it off. then can a plumber that can see and fix the problem. 2nd question. one of to things. if u have a 40 gallon water heater and you have (for example) 5 woman taking showers back to back? you can turn the knob on the water heater higher or wait about twenty minutes before the next person jumps in. give the water heater time to catch up.

I've had some customers say to me, but u didn't take long. well i can sit there and make work up or just get in get out. getherdone. if it was easy anybody will be able to do it. but not everyone can that's why there are plumbers.

most common plumbing jobs have to be two rodding of drains/sewage and replacing faucets kitchen/bathrooms. no jobs are the same. some are more complicating then others.

love doing what i do that's why I'm open for business 24 hours a day. because somewhere there's always someone looking for a great plumber. i take pride in my work.

doing this rehab at this moment. 2 an a half bathrooms kitchen utility room. gas for kitchen, dryer,hot water heater and a furnace. I'm proud of it because of the time i finished how it looks and how little effort it took to do. but i will say it was all done with care and pride.



Great work, better service


Great work ethics. friendly and very fair with prices.

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