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About Pristine Pro Detail

Pristine Pro Detail is a mobile detailing service in Scottsdale that offers personalized mobile detailing for autos, RVs, boats, trailers, aircraft, and more.

It is led by a certified pro detail serviceman who has over 14 years of detailing experience.

We specialize in anything to do with auto detailing and reconditioning.

We are highly skilled with a rotary polisher that is used to remove light to heavy scratches from the clear coat.

We can fully restore a car inside and out to its best possible condition.

Contact us for all your mobile detailing needs.


I specialize in anything to do with auto detailing and reconditioning. I am highly skilled with a rotary polisher that is used to remove light to heavy scratches and swirls from the clear coat. I can fully restore a car inside and out to its best possible condition. Also I have a lot of experience with classic and high end vehicles. I've been conditioning and preserving them to keep their showroom appearance since the beginning of my career.


I carry a lot of brands do to being very particular about detailing. I carry some Meguiars and Automagic products as my base and the rest is a secret. I'm always checking into new state of the art products to make sure my customers are getting the best. A few of my tool brands are: Makita, Porter Cable and Mytee

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Home Electric Vehicle Charging Station Cost
Total cost to install an electric vehicle charging station at home in Scottsdale is about $1,090 - $1,190 (standard 240v charging station)

Scottsdale, AZ 85250
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Payment options
Brent Johnson accepts cash and checks

I have Pro Auto detailing certification from an auto detailing class I took when I had first started detailing. This was a class that went over every aspect of the auto detailing process.

Cities served
Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, Scottsdale, Chandler, Tempe, Peoria, Gilbert, Sun City, Cave Creek and and other cities within 40 miles of Scottsdale.
Services offered

Vehicle-make, model, year.

Let us know any concerns with problem spots on the vehicle and any expectations you may have.

Reasons for detailing whether your selling or doing your normal routine detailing.

A lot of work goes into a detail. There are so many surfaces and different material to clean, condition and protect. Its not just a wipe and go process if the detail is done right. Depending on the detail chosen and the condition of the car many hours will be dedicated and sometimes days for specialty details.

I had a very badly oxidized work truck I did for a construction worker. The headlights where really bad, and the paint was matte white. I restored his paint to a brilliant new shine along with his headlights that allow him to see better at night. Seeing people who appreciate the hard work that goes into details like this is what keeps me so motivated.

Ask how much experience the person working on their car has. Not many people stick with detailing for a long time unless they really love it. You want the person who cares about the job being done. Also ask about their processes because others may be promising you everything but spending less time on important things that you may be concerned with. Ask the amount of man time they put in. This will give you an idea of how much work they plan on spending. Man time counts because that's a big part of what you're paying for. Of course some may over quote this to make it sound better and some may under.

I worked at a couple of the local car dealerships in the detail department when I was in high school. I then got the idea to start detailing on my own.

I borrowed some money from my dad to get some basic supplies and equipment, and I then started detailing for all my friends and family members.

After that, I did some of my own foot work and made some great clients in the custom car industry. Word of mouth spread quickly in the good times of our economy, and I was then turning down jobs because of my work load.

Trying not to break the bank? Most of us are! Just tell me your concerns with your vehicle and what your budget is. I'll then let you know what the best options I have for you. Keep in mind I'm not giving a hand out here but pin pointing my customers needs to make sure they get the most out of their detail. This saves many people in the long run by getting them the best detail for their needs.

I offer them a gaurantee that they will be satisfied with the work and to contact me if they have any questions or concerns. I also offer them maintenance services to help keep their vehicle in great shape.


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