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About Private/Group Guitar Instruction

I provide private and group guitar lessons to beginner and intermediate guitar players. I teach everything including how to read music, create rhythms for strumming, utilize theory, expand chord knowledge, and play the songs you have always wanted to learn.

I provide in-home lessons as well as travel to student's locations. I am a very effective teacher and have had success with young children as well as adults.

I personally tailor lessons to each student's liking and together, we will devise a practice regimen that will ensure success and comprehension.


I specialize in blues, rock, jazz, and classical guitar. I also sing and play. All styles are intrinsically built on the same information, and knowing this, we can go in any direction you wish.

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After each lesson, I let each of my students know that if they have any trouble with any of the work we have looked at, they are more than welcome to contact me to clarify. I want to make sure that each student is progressing.



I have been taking lessons with Josh for a few months now and I feel very lucky that I found a guitar teacher like him. Josh has extensive knowledge about the guitar and he presents it in a way that is accessible to even novice guitar players. He has a passion for what he does. He is excited about music and enjoys watching his students progress. When I began taking lessons with Josh, he asked me questions to discover what I wanted to get out of playing guitar. He has tailored my lessons to get results toward my goals and he remembers to keep it fun. As a professional, each week Josh is prepared for my lesson. He gives me specific exercises to practice that move me in the direction I want to go. In addition, Josh is very generous with his time and always makes himself available to clarify questions in between lessons. For me, this is an unbeatable value.


Josh is a very patient, compassionate and kind teacher! He helped me in many aspects of my guitar playing - with sight reading and technique, with finger and hand positioning, and with rhythm. He is very conscientious, taking lots of time to help me play songs I like and to figure out the physical and mental barriers to playing the way I want to.


I have been a student of Josh's for a few months now and must say that he is a great instructor. His knowledge and skill is extensive and can seemingly adapt to all different levels of students. As a full time professional, Josh also has patience as things come up in my busy schedule and is always up front and honest with what he can and can not accomodate. And finally, understanding that guitar is not my profession, Josh creates a great balance between music theory and fun. We have gone deep into theory at times, but Josh still remembers that I also love to play the music I want.

Overall, Josh provides a very professional, fun and flexible environment, while being very personable, friendly and extremely informative. GREAT value for his rates.

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