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With over 35 years in the drywall industry, Professional Drywall Service has been known for their quality and timely manner in completing the job with the highest approval rating by our customers.

There is no job too small nor too large for us to handle. We only use top grade materials for our work.

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sheetrock instulation , drywall finishing and interior painting


gypsum sheet rock, georgia pacific

Remodeling cost guides

Drywall Installation Cost
Typical cost to install drywall in a single room in Baltic is over $210 (12'x12')

Repair Drywall Cost
Average cost to repair drywall in Baltic is around $190 (installation, finishing, priming and paiting of 3 sheets of drywall)

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Tom Zimmerman accepts cash, checks, Paypal and credit cards

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Cities served
Manchester, Norwich, Groton, Glastonbury, New London and Baltic
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I started when i was 15 droped i was taught by one of the best tapers ive ever known. he told me tom learn drywall and then you will always have a trade to fall back on

thats all i can say is thank to "link Fitch for giving me a trade and skill.

well i cant speek for other contractors but if you as me ill tell you the truth if i cant do it i wont. i keep my price as low as i can just to get the work but i do own a buiss so i do have a bottom line

  • is he licensed ?
  • when he will start ?
  • approx. when will he complete ?
  • are there any extras i dont know about.

You should take your time and get to know the contractor,and dont beafraid to ask questions he should make sure you understand what he is going to do for you.

How long will it take.............depending on the size of the job

When will you be complete.....Depending on the size of the job

Its not something you want to do make it worse, and then it will cost you more to fix it. i even tell my customers if you don't hire me but are concerned about the contractor you hired please feel free to call me and ask any questions that you are concerned about and ill try to guide you in the right direction to help you out...and dont feel bad that you didn't hire me i just get mad seeing contractors taking money and not doing the job

i guarantee my work for one year as long as its not due to house settling.

a house that is newly built will have the tendency to settle and cause a couple seams or angles to crack from the house movement. this common

i got a call from a lady that said she had a leak in the celing.i thought it would be a half hour job...well it was wintertime and she just bought the house and havnt even moved in yet..well a pipe broke and the water was running for 2 days . there were ice siscle hanging from the ceiling and you could skate through the house. well i got started with them great people but a little hard to understand there language so i delt with the ins co and we worked it out to totally gut out the house and replace everything.furnace,electrical,all new plumbing sheetrock tape paint hang doors all new cabinets trim whole house.then replaces siding on front of house what a job but i loved every minute of it....job complete ontime


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