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Promenade Center For Dentistry

General and Cosmetic Dentistry in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC

About Promenade Center For Dentistry

Our Charlotte Dentistry office is up to date with technology. We employ digital X-rays which cuts down on the radiation exposure, as well as new more aesthetic and stronger dental materials. Our root canals use the latest technology in instruments which allow for a quicker, safer and more efficient treatment with less post op discomfort. You'll also find that we run a chartless office. All of our records are digitized, and they are backed up daily.

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We are a general dentistry office. We see patients of all ages and practice all facets of general dentistry. We'll see patients as young as one and as old as 100+.


We work with a variety of vendors. Our current toothpaste and preventative products are from Crest/Oral B. Other dental supplies are from reputable brands throughout the country. We work with Darby Dental, Henry Schien and Patterson Dental for our supply needs.

10844 Providence Rd, 270
Charlotte, NC 28277
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  • American Dental Association
  • North Carolina Dental Association
  • Charlotte Dental Society
  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • Better Business Bureau

Services offered

Routine preventative visits is the easiest way to keep your dental costs low. Especially if you have dental insurance, most plans will pay for those visits. Its always cheaper to catch problems when they're small vs when they're big.

What toothbrush should I brush with? Although there have been many advances in toothbrushes. The act of brushing your teeth is most important. So I always tell patients, brush with the toothbrush that allows and motivates you to brush the most. Otherwise a sonicare or a manual brush when used properly will provide a significant advantage over not brushing at all.

Talked about my bio on my website. Love to cycle when I can. Sometimes you'll see me on the road biking. Also a foodie, love trying new restaurants in Charlotte on the weekends.

As a child, I always wanted to be in the health profession. Always wanted to work with my hands. But I also wanted a career that could provide a work-life balance. Dentistry offers all that. Allows me to work with people and be involved in their lives.

Experience is always a good question to ask. Dentistry is a practice. And with time we all get better. There's continuing education that every dentist is required to take. Some will take more than others. A common distinction amongst general dentist is the FAGD and MAGD. Those stand for Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry and Masters of the Academy of General Dentistry respectively. The Fellowship requires that the dentist attends 500 hours of Continuing Education. The Masters requires 1000 but many of those hours are in participation course.

I purchased this practice in May 2015, and am proud to be an owner. It allows me to make clinical decisions and business decisions free from any other outside influences. I enjoy being a small business owner and providing opportunities for my employees.

There are many auxillary jobs in the dental field. Not limited to but the most common jobs in a dental practice are: dental assistants, dental hygienists, dentist, receptionists, and insurance coordinators.

As a general dental office we see our patients on an ongoing basis through our recall system. Patients often come to our office 2x a year. Some more often. This gives us a chance to followup with patients and their oral health. To check on their dental work and provide maintenance as needed. Its not uncommon for us to see patients, their children and watch their children grow up.

As a small business owner it seems like I always have a ton of projects going on. Always working on projects in 3 main areas of the practice, team development, marketing, and clinical skills.

Dentistry can definitely be a rewarding career, and those entering the profession also need to know that if you do end up owning your own practice. That one must also study aspects of running a business. Things like payroll, marketing, compliance and IT issues are commonplace.

Ultimately finding the right dentist is about a relationship. Unlike other items that people may purchase, there usually is a factor of trust that must be placed with the dentist. I would recommend people read up on their potential dentist the good and the bad, and call to speak to the dentist if possible. Make sure that they are a good fit.



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