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Prominent Construction, LLC is a full service licensed general contractor, most notably as a Minneapolis roofing contractor. We specialize in insurance storm damage restoration and strive to make sure all our customers receive prominent service. Being a local company located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we are able to personally assist you with all of your homes exterior and interior needs.

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Remodeling cost guides

Foam Roofing Installation Cost
Typical cost to have foam roofing installed in Minneapolis is over $10,000 - $11,250 (1,200 sq.ft. house)

Wood Shake Roof Installation Cost
Total cost to have wood shake roofing installed in Minneapolis is about $15,880 (40' x 60' home - 24" heavy cedar shakes)

Tile Roof Installation Cost
Average cost to have tile roof installed in Minneapolis is around $25,000 - $43,750 (1,500 sq.ft. roof of s shaped clay tiles and roof reinforcement)

Tin Roof Installation Cost
Typical cost to have tin roofing installed in Minneapolis is over $7,130 (24'x45')

Slate Roof Cost
Total cost to install slate roof in Minneapolis is about $18,750 - $25,000 (semi-weathering slate with 3/16” thick tiles on a 1,500 sq.ft. roof)

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