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Niagara Falls, NY

About SMK Home Remodeling

SMK Home Remodeling was established in early 2012, but has been improving homes since 2009.

We operate in Lockport, Niagara Falls, Lewiston and a few others near the buffalo areas. Our services range anywhere from:

  • Painting
  • Light Plumbing
  • Light Electrical
  • Drywall
  • Carpentry
  • Framing
  • Flooring

At Quality Home Improvement, our employees make our company unique; they put their heart into their work to make sure our customers are satisfied.

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Niagara falls, Buffalo, Lockport, Lewiston, Kenmore, Youngstown, Wilson and a few other surrounding areas.


We try to use products that the customers are happy and comfortable with, but we can recommend a few things as we go along.

Niagara Falls, NY 14301
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Payment options
Steven Kovacs accepts cash and checks

As of 2009 the owner has worked with other remodeling companies such as M. Franklin's Home Improvement, Alpha Flooring Inc. and others.

Cities served
Niagara Falls, Tonawanda and North Tonawanda
Services offered

A good question would be about prices, amount of work and materials along with how much time it could take.

We helped install ceramic flooring in the Lockport Transit drive-in a few months ago which i believe to be our best work since we have started early this year.

We offer our customers one free follow up visit if anything shall go wrong with only our work. We will also offer a 5% discount once you are a customer. We also offer 50% discount once a year to a customer in a drawing every year which has no expiration date.

I have done home remodeling in 2009 and come to enjoy building and transforming homes for people to love. So I decided to start our own company.

Most common jobs would be painting drywalling, plumbing and flooring (ceramic tile, laminate or vinyl tile).

I would recommend calling us, we offer free estimates and we would gladly come to the customer to work on a price that the customer is satisfied with.

We just recently started this company so I hope to be successful with many customers in the upcoming months and years to come.

What work is needed to be done, what days the customer is available and or what days the customer would like the work to be done.

The top question would have to be about prices, we have an hourly rate of $10-$15, or if a customer prefers to pay a lump sum when the job is complete that is also fine. Either way a signed contract is required for proof only that the work will be done for that amount or proof that an hourly wage is set.


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