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Quigley Heating & Air

HVAC Repair and Installation in Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX

About Quigley Heating & Air

Quigley heating & air are service providers of heating and ac repair in Dallas Tx. 24 hour call out service and monthly service plans to ensure your heating and aircon is always maintained and running smoothly.

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Remodeling cost guides

Radiant Floor Heating Cost
Typical average cost to install radiant floor heating in Dallas is over $30,800 (2,000 sq.ft. installation with two zones and new boiler)

Window Air Conditioning Cost
Average cost to install window air conditioning in Dallas is about $590 (window a/c for a 440 sq.ft. room - upgraded)

Air Conditioning Cost
Average cost to install air conditioning in Dallas is over $2,750 (ductless a/c and labor for a 2,000 sq.ft. zone)

Air Duct Cleaning Cost
Typical cost to clean air ducts in Dallas is over $830 - $1,100 (complex air duct system cleaning and pest control)

Heat Pump Cost
Typical cost to install a heat pump system in Dallas is around $8,250 (2,000 sq.ft. house - geothermal)

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