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About R&R Carpet Cleaning

Not all carpet cleaning companies truly care about your carpets, your home, or your satisfaction. Sure, you want to save money, but when it comes to carpet cleaning, the company with the lowest price may not be the best choice. Sometimes, these companies offer a low price simply to get a foot in the door. Once they come to your home, they'll identify many other issues to upsell and get you to buy more expensive services. Make the decision based on quality and recommendations first, and consider price as a secondary option. Everything you need to get your carpeting clean is contained in our price; there are no hidden costs. We have no gimmicks and most of all we are dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

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We are a locally owned business in Houston,Texas specializing in Eco-Friendly Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. Our products are so safe you could literally drink them. Don't believe us, give us a call and we will prove it to you. Our well-trained and experienced personnel use proven methods and techniques that achieve remarkable results each and every time. We arrive on time, are extremely courteous, and respect the privacy of each customer. Our crew members are always clean and well-spoken. We only hire the best! Don't wait call now we are standing by.


Vinegar is one of the products we recommend this natural cleaning product is highly effective and you probably already have it somewhere in your kitchen. There are several natural products on the market but the least expensive one and the most effective natural carpet cleaning products is vinegar. Vinegar is an acid which is a big help in maintaining a clean home. Knowing the cleaning uses of vinegar and how to correctly utilize it is an edge. With vinegar, you no longer have to buy separate commercial or janitorial cleaning products.

You just have to know how to use vinegar and what to use it for. Cleaning with white vinegar is now becoming more and more popular as more household cleaners are now discovering that they can ditch their old and expensive commercial cleaning products for a natural cleaning product that is just as effective. White vinegar is a popular cleanser used for various household purposes.

It is known to effectively kill bacteria, molds and germs. Its high level of acidity is one of the main reasons why it makes a good disinfectant. Vinegar's acidity is strong but not too strong to be harmful to your health. Using vinegar therefore is a great alternative to buying expensive products that contain harsh chemical ingredients.

Questions and Answers

  • What are you most proud of?
We recently removed heavily stain grease and grime from dinette chairs that hadn't been cleaned in years.
  • What do you recommend to know before hiring you?
Exact number of rooms you need cleaned. This is extremely important and will ensure you receive a accurate quote for your carpet cleaning here in Houston Texas. Keep in mind large walk-in closets and flights of stairs usually cost extra. So make sure you know exactly what you want cleaned in order to avoid confusion.
  • What kind of questions do customers ask you?
What if there are hardwood floors underneath my carpeting?hey are too delicate to do with the traditional equipment we can bring to your home.Is it true that after your carpets are clean they are more likely to get dirty fast?This isn't necessarily the fact on the matter but it depends on what is used. Many types of shampoos used on them can leave behind a residue. As a result these chemicals end up attracting more dirt like a magnet. We however use the most advanced procedures and environmentally safe products. Therefore your carpets will stay clean and residue free after we clean them for you.Is it possible to get rid of the odors my pets have left in my carpets?Pets can be a great asset to your family but they tend to leave bad odors in the carpets. When they urinate on carpets it is hard to remove the smell because it seeps through to the backing and even the padding. This can also lead to bacteria being able to grow in that area of the carpet. The coloring of the carpet can change as a result of this as well.Don't worry though because we have techniques to take care of it. We target all the aspects of these problems including each layer of the carpet. We use sanitizers to kill bacteria as well so the smell won't come back again a few days after we are done. We can't always save your carpet but we will look at it and let you know what the options are for resolving the problem.
  • What types of jobs are the most common?
If you are faced with stained carpeting, follow these tips to curtail the long-lasting effects of spills, pet accidents, and other culprits:Red wine stain: Quickly absorb as much of the liquid as possible with towels to keep it from getting deep into the carpet. Dribble white wine on the remaining red wine stain. Rinse and repeat. Blot the excess with a damp, clean towel.Lipstick: Gently place petroleum jelly on the smudge, then mix a teaspoon of dish soap with one cup of warm water. Blot the smudge gently then scrape jelly off with a knife.Ink: Use rubbing alcohol, but do not pour it directly on the stain. Instead, dampen a towel, add alcohol and repeatedly blot ink stain with the cloth.Pet stains: Mix a half cup of white vinegar with a half cup of warm water. Soak the stain thoroughly. Sprinkle a handful of baking soda on the stain. Mix a half cup of hydrogen peroxide with a teaspoon of dish soap, then pour the mixture over the baking soda. Work into the carpet thoroughly. Allow area to dry completely, then vacuum.Fruit punch, Kool-aid or ketchup: Blot as much of the substance as you can as fast as you can. Then mix warm water with dish soap, dampen a clean cloth and press against the stain for 15 seconds. Let sit. Mix one cup of white vinegar with two cups water, dampen cloth and press against stain for 15 seconds. Let sit for 15 minutes. Blot with a clean dry towel.Oil and grease: Remove excess quickly with paper towel. Sprinkle salt or baking soda on stain and leave it overnight. Later, vacuum the salt or baking soda off of the stain area.If these remedies don't seem to be working, don't waste time trying to continuously remove the stain. Know when it's time to give up on the household options and contact a highly rated professional carpet cleaner here in Houston Texas.
  • What we may not know about you?
R&R Carpet Cleaning has a unique range of environmentally friendly services that can cover all of your cleaning needs from residential to commercial. Our specialized methods are tailored specifically to your needs, this allows us to ensure you get the best, Eco-Friendly service available. Our technicians are courteous and knowledgeable about the products we are bringing into your home. We never sub-contract and stand firmly behind our work. Don't wait call us now.
  • What is important to know about your profession?
It's easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices offered by carpet cleaning companies here in Houston. Everyone claims to be the best, there is a coupon on every website. You may be asking yourself, should you trust a sale price over a regularly priced carpet cleaning? How long should carpet cleaning take? Which technique is best? These are questions we are prepared to answer whether you are one of our customers are not. We are here to help.
  • How many projects do you average in a year?
We average between 200-300 Jobs Per Year. All of the services we performed are considered Eco-Friendly we only use products that are family and pet safe. We value your business and want to earn your trust.
  • How can we save money hiring you?
Don't jump at the first offer you see. You should obtain estimates from at least three reputable companies, but you shouldn't base your choice solely on who's offering the best price. You need to be aware what's included with this discount.While no one wants to be overcharged, extremely low prices should set off extreme warning signals. Companies that advertise very low prices may be practicing what is called bait advertising. Some are professional scammers. Once the workers arrive in your home, they quickly suggest a more expensive treatment for the cleaning.This can be very uncomfortable for you as the home owner. Again find out what you get for your money. Just as pricing can differ from company to company, so can the services included in the price and what the company considers extras. Ask for a copy of the contract and read it carefully. Understand all terms, such as room size limitation, and costs of the work. Be sure to get everything in writing before any work begins. This includes warranties and guarantees.
  • How did you get started?
With many years in Houston's carpet and upholstery cleaning industry R & R Carpet Cleaning has become the reliable standard for the people of Houston looking for quality carpet cleaning at a cost effective price. We started out as a relatively small operation committed to the restoration of antique Persian and oriental rugs. It is through our impeccable commitment to customer service and our love of the industry that has allowed us to grow in to the reputable multifaceted carpet cleaners we are today.
  • Do you offer any service after finishing the work?
When R&R does carpet or upholstery cleaning work for any customer here in Houston, this is a general description of what you should expect from us. First, we will come out and give you a free quote and evaluation if for some reason this can't be accomplished right over the phone. This cleaning quote is guaranteed accurate. No surprises. No Gimmicks. We value your business and your time.The goal of this visit is to see exactly what you want us to clean. Allow you as a customer to ask questions. We will also view what types of stains your carpet or upholstery may have, and to discuss if those stains will or will not be removed depending upon if they have damaged the carpet or not. No one can remove all stains.If you choose to make an appointment, I will work around your schedule for your convenience, and I make provisions for clients who cannot meet us during regular business hours (Monday through Sunday, 9:00-5:00).Then we call you two days before to confirm the appointment.All work is completely guaranteed, so if you have any questions please call. If any spots come back (which would most likely be due to soap or chemicals in your carpet from previous cleanings), I will re-clean any spots free of charge.
  • What questions should a customer ask before hiring you?
Do you provide an guarantee? A true service professional, regardless of the industry, supports their work with a firm written guarantee. This is a no brainer for any true professional. The best form of guarantee is a "Money Back Guarantee". If the company does not offer any guarantee at all this is a sign that they may not provide quality work. Also ensure that there is not an additional charge for their guarantee to provide quality work. Sounds Ridiculous, but you would be suprise what people will charge you for.How long will it take for the carpet take to dry after it's been cleaned? Normal drying periods following cleaning ranges anywhere from 4-8 hours. Under no circumstance should your carpet be wet over 24 hours following normal carpet cleaning. Extended drying periods can lead to mold and mildew.Are your cleaning solutions safe for my family and pets? This is a vital question! There are numerous deadly toxic carpet cleaning chemicals on the market today. Some cleaning companies make their own cleaning solutions versus purchasing them from a supplier. Home made cleaning solutions could contain harmful toxins and do not undergo safety tests as cleaning agents from a professional supplier endure. Protect your family! Be sure the cleaning provider uses professional cleaning agents manufactured from a professional carpet cleaning supplier.Will you provide me with an invoice before you begin your carpet cleaning service? Unfortunately, some providers practice unethical and unlawful sales tactics. First that bait you by providing an extremely low carpet cleaning quote over the phone, then they switch by providing you with an invoice with countless additional services you never agreed to. This is called "Bait & Switch." Beware! This happen each and every day right here in Houston Texas.
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We are registered the Better Business Bureau right here in Houston Texas under carpet cleaning. We pride ourselves on customers satisfaction and 92% of our business is from happy referrals.

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Robert did such a great job! The carpet looks GREAT and Robert was so nice and professional. I highly recommend this service!


Big thanks to the guys at R&R why because you always provide the best service of all.


I must say i was very impressed with the cleaning and the overall service. The prices were reasonable and we are satisfied with the results.


R&R was able to work my appointment in same week I called. Price was reasonable and no hidden fees. Best of all, my carpets look great and my pets are safe because their products are non-toxic. Robert even recommended an 'over the counter' carpet cleaner that will help between professional cleanings.


Arrives on time does a great job I would highly recommend this company, and the products are safe for my cats.


April 12, 2013

I recently moved and during the process my mattress got dirty by the movers. I "Googled" mattress cleaning, and Robert's information popped up along with other cleaning companies. I called all of the mattress cleaning companies, and Robert was the friendliest and inexpensive. I set up an appointment, and Robert came out to clean my mattress on time! He did a fantastic job, and cleaned my bedroom carpet as well. I gave him a nice tip for the "Amazing" service!

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