Radioactive Music

Piano Lessons, Voice Lessons, and Music Production in Miami, FL

Miami, FL

About Radioactive Music

Radioactive Music offers lessons on the following music subjects:

  • Piano (Classical, Jazz, and Pop)
  • Voice (Classical, Jazz, and Pop)
  • Songwriting/Arranging (Classical and Jazz)
  • Music Theory (Classical and Jazz)
  • Electronic Music Production

You can also learn various genres of music, including:

  • Gospel
  • Blues
  • Rock, and more

Lessons are taught by a highly experienced and versatile music teacher. He has a doctorate degree in Music Education from Boston University.

We accept students of all ages. And we recommend half an hour of lessons for children under 10 years of age.

All of the classes are available 7 days a week.

1 hour - $50

Miami, FL 33193
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Radio Cremata accepts cash, checks and Paypal
Hourly rate: From $50 to $65
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