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About Raleigh Engine Repair, LLC

Raleigh Engine Repair, LLC specializes in small engine repair services. We also offer repair and service on lawn equipment, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, and all other small engine powered machinery. Our technicians are factory trained and have vast experience in the industry.

We also offer pickup and delivery, as well as on-site repairs on some equipment.


We specialize in fast, affordable small engine repair and service. We are a 2-Stroke specialist and are skilled in the repair and diagnosis of a very wide variety or engines.


ALL major brands of small engines and small engine powered products. We are Kohler and Yamaha Certified, as well as EETC certified technicians.

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Structural Engineer Cost
Average cost to hire an structural engineer in Raleigh is around 8% (of total construction project fee)

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Raleigh, NC 27603
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Payment options
William Vaughan accepts cash, checks, Paypal and credit cards
Hourly rate: From $65 to $65

B.S. in Engineering, EETC Certified, Kohler Certified, and Yamaha Certified technicians. We are currently aiming for Stihl and Husqvarna factory training.

Services offered

Fuel delivery/carburetor issues are the most common with walk behind mowers. Other issues which are common are low or dead battery issues and no spark issues.

We offer free repair on work completed by us for the remainder of the season on lawn equipment, and offer discounts on returning loyal customers.

We have Engineering backgrounds as well as years in the fabrication industry. This means that we not only are able to perform repairs more easily, but we are able to educate the customer on items which the average mechanic may not be aware of. This means better service and more knowledge for the customer.

Knowledge of the different schools and training available to mechanics so that the customer will be familiar with skills needed to correctly perform repairs on their machines.

We are somewhat a seasonal business, so we probably average about 150 - 200 jobs per year. Hopefully this will expand in the future!

How to prevent the issues which caused failure in my machine is the most common question received from customers. Answers are found with us; just ask!

I wish that customers would realize that sometimes, especially on older machines, that the only way to repair them is to fabricate items to make newer versions of parts work. This means that in order to correctly repair items sometimes the labor rate will be higher, but if they wish to keep their older machines it is sometimes needed. Also, purchase upper end quality machines so that the minor problems associated with cheaper items will be nonexistent.

We got started out of noticing a need for fast and affordable repair on small engines in our area. By making this service fast and affordable, customers can get back to work and save money at the same time.

Shop around for a fair mechanic to perform your labor, and be sure to educate themselves in minor small engine operation.

We took in a Yamaha VX 1100 V Star which the dealership refused warranty work on, and was going to charge the customer over $800 for repairs. We ordered the part and repaired it for $500 with no issues. Talk about a happy customer!

A customer should ascertain the mechanic's skills by asking questions such as "How long have you been doing this", "Could you explain to me in detail exactly what needs to be done", and "can you offer me any advice on preventing future problems". A good mechanic will not hiccup when confronted by questions because he/she will be skilled and confident in their abilities.


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