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Los Angeles, CA

About Rascals, Inc.

We are a Los Angeles pet, plant and house sitting service. Take a vacation, but leave your worries behind.

My name is Monica Nista and I am at your service. Think Mr. Jeeves meets Jane Goodall (minus a few years).

In addition to sitting, we also offer extensive dog-walking/hiking packages. And if you're getting married and interested in your pets being a part of the ceremony, look no further. We offer animal nuptial supervision for a flat rate so you can enjoy your pets' company stress-free.


Rascals, Inc. will provide whatever-you-need-sitting throughout the greater Los Angeles area (including the South Bay).

Rascals, Inc. also offers pet nuptial assistance. If you're like us, you'd like your furry friends to be a part of your special day. We will take care of your animals so you can celebrate worry-free.

Remodeling cost guides

Pet Proofing Cost
Typical cost to pet proof a house in Los Angeles is around $560 (pet gates, furniture protection and invisible fence)

4111 Wade St., APT. C
Los Angeles, CA 90066
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Payment options
Monica Nista accepts cash, checks and Paypal
Cities served
Los Angeles, Inglewood, Santa Monica, Culver City, Beverly Hills and Venice
Services offered

I make sure to send pictures and notes to all my clients. I also check in from time to time to see how a client is doing if I haven't visited him/her in a while.

Have you done pet-sitting before? For what type of pets?

Do you understand the dietary requirements of my pet(s)? (If not, ascertain how diligent the sitter is about following written instructions.)


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