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For jobs large or small, we’re your go-to source for residential junk removal, commercial junk removal, and more.

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Disposing of unwanted household goods and trash used to be fairly easy. You could pile it all into your vehicle and simply head to the nearest drop-off spot. These days, however, getting rid of the rubbish that’s cluttering up your property can be a downright painful and costly process. First, you have to decipher the rules regarding which items are acceptable for disposal at particular sites, and which ones are not. Then, you have to break your back hauling your stuff to your car, soil your vehicle’s trunk and interior with all that junk, and make several stops halfway across town to unload your unwanted materials—all at today’s sky-high gas prices. Well, enough already. With RCB Hauling Services, your property cleanup headaches can be over and done. Our professional trash haulers will make the drive to you and breeze through your debris disposal in one fell swoop. Let us help you bid farewell to all of the piles of clutter, old appliances, and other discarded items that may be strewn throughout your home and yard.

We offer swift and economical solutions for every aspect of your residential property cleanup, including:

  • Trash removal
  • Property cleanouts
  • Demolition contractor services
  • Storm debris removal
  • Gutter cleaning service
  • Post construction cleanup
  • Junk car removal
  • Fallen tree removal

Whether you’re anxious for a full-fledged, property-wide spring cleaning or foreclosure cleanout, or you’re just hoping to avoid the hassles of appliance disposal or yard debris removal, RCB Hauling Services will help you handle the job in stride, without breaking the bank. As a local, family-owned hauling company, we’re often called on for urgent property cleanup in the wake of a storm or foreclosure. You can also count on our experienced demolition contractors and trash haulers to help you clear out your basement and attic, reclaim your closet space, and clean up the yard by demolishing sheds and picking up junk cars. In fact, virtually any type of trash you’re looking to unload, we’ll take it off your hands in short order, from old washing machines and discarded mattresses to used flooring and bathroom fixtures. We’ll even haul away concrete, dirt, and shingles at your request.


We have 3 Heavy Duty trucks.

  • 16 ft Trailer with 4ft Walls
  • 12 ft Trailer with 7ft Cage
  • 16 ft Car Hauler

We have all straps, chains and equipment to complete most any project. We have demolition tools, Lawn Equipment for property cleanups, and most of all.. We've got plenty of strong guys to do any heavy lifting for debris removal, moving, delivery, transport, or any other project you may have that involves heavy lifting. If you have a tough project, give us a call! We will get it done!

Remodeling cost guides

Junk Removal Service Cost
Typical cost to hire a junk removal service in Fort Worth is about $170-$230 (junk removal service, medium load, plus a freon fee for 1 appliance)

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RCB Hauling accepts cash and checks

There are no certifications needed for Debris Removal.. But it does take quite some time to get the hang of things and do things the right way the first time. These days were are in and out of 80% of Debris Removals within an hour or less. Not every job allows this of course.

Cities served
Fort Worth, Arlington, Irving, Grand Prairie, Carrollton, Denton, Lewisville, North Richland Hills, Euless, Weatherford and other cities within 50 miles of Fort Worth.
Services offered

Your type of project, Budget you have in mind (if you have one), Time frame that you would like to get things done. Any details you can give about the project all up front!


It’s amazing how easily junk can accumulate, even for the best of homeowners. Time passes, life happens, and what started out as a few small piles of stuff can multiply quickly into loads and loads of unwanted refuse. Before you know it, your home, as well as your yard, is filled to the brink with the remnants of cast-off possessions, various renovation projects, and even debris from storms. But you don’t have to live like that! To make brisk work of your trash removal and property cleanup in the Fort Worth-Dallas corridor, call in the heavy haulers from RCB Hauling Services. Whatever type of litter you need lifted, from appliance disposal to garbage and rubbish removal to gutter cleaning, we’re the team to trust for flat-out rapid service at reasonable rates. To get a free estimate on any of our junk hauling and trash removal services, just give us a call or send us an e-mail today.

Really depends on the year and how many Trucks and guys were running! Some months are busier than others! Our most recent projects were.. Entire garage of trash removal for the White family on the border of Keller and Fort Worth, TX. They were extremely happy to get their garage back. Donny Grubbs of Springtown, TX had us out to clean up the construction debris from the building of their new home! A very nice soccer mom in North Richland Hills, TX needed some furniture gone.. We were there after Junk Guys were a no show! We arrived and loaded up in less than an hour from her call. She was extremely pleased with our service!

The economy was poor when we began looking for work. We started recycling can then eventually all types of metals. We hauled metals for people for a while, then realized people needed other materials hauled away! We try to free neighborhoods and businesses of all debris one load at a time!

How much would you charge to haul off " ......" Definitely encourage customers to take photos of the debris they need removed or pictures of any project needed done! We can sometimes give a better ball-park estimate over the phone if we can see everything!

We offer a few different services, Debris Removal being the most common. Best questions to ask in my opinion are, What type of Truck/Trailer do they operate with? Atleast get a Ball Park price. Then of course, availability and so fourth.

Trash Removals are pretty common most anywhere! Id have to say that gutter cleaning is the second most popular service utilized.

Other than a receipt for the work that has been done.. We offer our customers a multiple discounts! Please check out the main website for information on Discounts! We love to recycle and save folks money! Call us today!

We had a pretty good time doing a property cleanout in Benbrook, near Aledo, TX. It was out in the country like we like, and most of us are from Aledo! It was a 30x30 Barn to emptied as well as a mobile home! Was a fun 3 days project (as there was no time line for the job, was a vacant property). We have fun on just about every job, but that one stood out for us recently.

Looking for trash removal that’s surprisingly fast and wallet-friendly? Then let RCB Hauling Services dispose of your debris. Since 2008, our efficient trash haulers have been making quick work of cleanouts in Fort Worth and beyond. For jobs large or small, we’re your go-to source for junk hauling, construction demolition, and so much more. We even pick up junk cars.

We're young, but we have an extreme motivation to get things done for people around North Texas.. And as a result, there is plenty of Happy Texans and a debris free environment! We love making new friends with new customers!


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