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Redemption Painting Company

Professional Painting in Louisville, KY

Louisville, KY

About Redemption Painting Company

Redemption Painting Company provides residential and commercial painting services throughout Louisville, Kentucky and nearby areas.

Artisan Workmanship:

The high quality of our work flows from our commitment to extensive surface preparation, appropriate safety precautions, informed project management and artist-like workmanship.

Superior Products: Doing the Research

Environmental Responsibility: Caring for our clients, community and city through environmentally responsible practices.

We pledge to recycle, reuse and reduce as much as possible so that our footprint is of the bare minimum. When requested and available, we use reliable and eco-friendly products while avoiding cheap and disposable products.

Customer Satisfaction: Providing an enjoyable customer experience.

We provide you with the best customer experience by clear proposals that cover both the extent of the work and its actual cost. If any work is desired beyond what is agreed upon, we will request additional formal approval in order to prevent any unwanted surprises.

We offer reliable and flexible scheduling, same day responses to inquiries and free job consultations and estimates.

Additionally, we are a fully insured and a properly documented company that offers our clients a one year warranty on all of our work.

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We specialize in both interior and exterior projects. To complete these projects, we offer all the needed surfaces preparations including: wood repairs, sanding, caulking, puttying, surface refinishing, etc.

Additionally, we offer various handyman skills to take care of anything other project while completing the painting services

Remodeling cost guides

Painter Cost
Total cost to hire a painter in Louisville is about $50 (painting in non-optimal conditions)

Louisville, KY 40217
Contact Lance Limanti
Payment options
Lance Limanti accepts cash, checks, Paypal and credit cards
Cities served
Louisville, New Albany, Jeffersonville, Shepherdsville and Clarksville
Services offered

We offer a call back service to complete any touch ups even after the final payment has been made. Additionally, we offer a one year warranty upon all completed work.

Clients should always asking for proof of liability insurance and workers-compensation insurance. These project both your assets and those of the company you're working with.

Additionally, you should ask for references from other clients, to be able to contact by phone or to read what others have said on their website or social media.

And finally, always feel free to ask about the history of the company, how many employees they have, and any other questions that will inform your of their professionalism and trustworthiness.


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