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About REICA Construction, Inc.

REICA Construction, Inc. is a company specializing in residential elevators, stairlifts, and vertical platform lifts. We service the Northern California area and surrounding communities.

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We sell, install and service home elevators and lifts throughout most of Northern California. We see ourselves as a solution provider not a seller of products. Different people have different needs. We like to make sure a product our customer wants is the right product for their need.


We work with best of breed for all products. An inexpensive product that does not meet the need is not a good deal. We try to find the balance between cost and performance to offer the best value to our customers. We feel that we have great products at reasonable cost.

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Elevator Installation Cost
Average cost to install an elevator in San Francisco is around $22,950 - $24,480 (15 square foot hydraulic elevator)

San Francisco Bay Area - Northern California
San Francisco, CA 94101
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  • General Contractor (B);
  • Elevator (C-11)
  • Member BIA
  • Member NAEC
  • Member NARI
  • CAT #10-00038
  • CA License 836591

Cities served
San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento, Oakland, Stockton, Fremont, Modesto, Santa Rosa, Elk Grove, Salinas and other cities within 150 miles of San Francisco.
Services offered

Take the time to really analyze your needs. Don't expect to find a Mercedes Benz with a Yugo budget. If you have any house plans that is a plus. We can work with you to identify what you will need. If you need other services in support (like a remodel), we can usually recommend others that we have found to do a good job.

Don't jump into a contract too early! Work with a company that will give you time to get to know them and see how they operate.

Most of our work is installing home elevators in new homes or existing homes. New homes are the easiest because we can work with the architect to plan properly. Existing homes are more challenging because there needs to be an elevator shaftway built. If this is not possible, perhaps a chairlift will work.

We are a family business. While we represent national and international companies, we conduct our own business in an ethical and moral manner. I am a Vietnam Veteran and we are all English language speaking.

Starting in 1999, we built our own home. Knowing we would care for our parents, we built a 3 story home, so a home elevator was in the plan. After getting a less than favorable response from elevator inquiries, we started our own business - believing that customers deserved better treatment than we received. Our business has flourished for over 10 years now.

Our workload varies with construction in general. As the population ages, the need for mobility increases. Currently we are working with a couple of large builders that have recognized the need for private elevators in their homes.

Each project is different. Whether it is a basic lift to satisfy a need or a high visibility installation with a lot of 'bling', we aim to fulfill our customer's expectation.

Check references! Many companies promise more than they can deliver or have a less expensive product that frankly, is not very good. We only sell products we can service and take care of our customers over the long run. Most people needing our products need service that goes along with it. You usually get what you pay for.

We provide ongoing service. Periodic inspections will keep a system running smoothly and reliably for years.

Look for a product that will meet your needs. Why buy an elevator if a stairlift can meet your needs? We offer free consultation to identify all the costs associated with each of our products, along with a benefit analysis to help determine what is really needed.

Are our prices negotiable? We price our products based on our cost of doing business. We have a price list that represents the best price we can offer to our customers. We feel that if you offer one price and then are willing to lower it, why didn't you offer the better price right off the bat??


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