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Hillsboro, OR

About Rewind Fitness

Rewind Fitness is an In-home personal training business. Our approach to health and wellness makes staying fit less of a hassle to our clients.

Our clients are also welcome to our home, if that is more convenient for them. Our sessions are an hour long and are sure to push our clients to their limits. We make sure that our clients get the results that they want to achieve, while having fun and enjoying the whole routine.

Would you like to stay young and looking fit? Contact us now!


Sports performance, strength and muscle building, agility, weight loss, weight management, appearance.


Ever last, Reebok, kettle bells, yoga ball, Olympic rings, Olympic weights, hula hoops, jump ropes,

Hillsboro, OR 97123
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Eric Burns accepts cash, Paypal and credit cards
Cities served
Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, West Linn, Newberg, Tualatin and Forest Grove

  • Q:Is it going to be easy?
  • A:No but i will be there to motivate you when things get hard
  • Q:When will i see results?
  • A:Initial results can be seen at the end of the first week

What is the professionals certification. What population are your services aimed towards. Where is your training facility.

Anything information about your past and current physical health, including but not limited to heart attack, bone or joint issues, diabetes, or blood disorders.

Im a married man with two beautiful boys. Have a background in martial arts and prior service in the United States Coast Guard. My idol is Bruce Lee ever since i learned he was more then a martial arts instructor and actor but he was a philosopher of life.

I have always had a passion for the industry also enjoy helping others achieve there goals. Wanted to follow my dream in providing services for the general population that would allow them to reach there goals with the option of staying at home.

Records stay on file for a year. Personal support sustain your goals after training. Blog providing helpful and motivational tips.

I had a client send me a picture of her on a mountain top that she had climbed after only a few short weeks of training with me to improve her personal health.



I trained with Eric couple times a week for several weeks. It was my first time working with a personal trainer so I was not sure of what to expect, I really thought he would just kick my butt in shape standing there telling me what to do. But it was totally different than that, he really worked on my core problems and educated me on why. Strength was a big part of what he was working on, not just big muscle strength but your core strength and to have your body work the way it was designed to! I enjoyed my sessions and continue to practice what I was taught!


I have been training with Eric for two years now and have never had a complaint. He has done a great job at working off that mommy tummy after having both my babies. Still a work in progress but going strong! I would recommend his training to anyone who wants to lose weight, tighten up, or build some lean muscles. His methods work you hard push your limits but keep a smile on your face.

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