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Kajukenbo Karate Lessons in Rexburg, ID

Rexburg, ID

About Samantha Hodgson

Hello, I'm Samantha Hodgson. I am offering in-home karate lessons once or twice a week for people with age 5 years and up.

I am a black belt in the Kajukenbo Emperado system, established in 1947 in Hawaii by Adriano D. Emperado. This is the American Martial Art. In this system, I teach students self-discipline, self-respect and self-esteem.

The curriculum includes three main branches. First is Forms (or Pinans), that teach correct stances, movement and technique. Another is Self-defense, that is designed specifically to enable students to defend themselves against multiple varieties of physical attack. And third is Sparring, where students put into practice simple blocking, striking and kicking in low contact back-and-forth drills.

Lessons will be 45 minutes - 1 hour. Introduction and first two lessons are free of charge.

Cost for 1/week lesson is $35/month, plus $10/month for each additional immediate family member.

Cost for 2/week lessons is $50/month, plus $15/month for each additional immediate family member.

Full uniform (required before first belt testing) includes a black light-weight ghee, white belt, and school patches - $85. You can add $60 for each additional uniform ordered at the same time.

I stand by my motto, "To train strong is to remain strong!"

My schedule is flexible so contact me now to pick the best time slot for your family.


I love self-defense and forms. Our system is really strongly based in self-defense, learning 3-5 self defense techniques at each belt level. I personally know over 75 self-defense techniques.

Rexburg, ID 83440
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Samantha Hodgson accepts cash and checks

If you make it all the way to black belt in our system, you are encouraged to begin having students of your own and growing your own Kajukenbo family.

  • Does this style of martial art fit my life style?
  • Is it something my whole family can do?
  • Will this enable me to achieve my own personal goals for fitness and self-discipline?


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