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About RF Communications

RF Communications install, splice, terminate and test voice, data, coaxial, and fiber optic cables. To include, adds, moves, changes and repairs.

We climb telephone poles as high as 90 feet to install and maintain antenna systems and to perform preventative maintenance inspections.

We climb towers as high as 450 feet to install and maintain Ultra High Frequency (UHF), Very High Frequency (VHF) and High Frequency (HF) antennas' and microwave dishes.

We install and maintain line-of-sight microwave and antennas operating in the 5 Ghz range. Stand alone, guyed and self support tower maintenance is also performed.

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I specialize in the installation, terminating, testing and repair of voice, data, fiber optics, and Broadband or cable television. At the moment, the majority of my jobs are telephone line installation and repair.


Siecore, Commscope Systemax, Belden. I work with voice and data jacks -- rj-45's, rj-11's. category 3, 5e, and category 6 , fiber optic, cable television and coaxial cables.

Remodeling cost guides

Wireless Computer Network Cost
Average cost to install a wireless computer network in San Antonio is around $290 - $340 (standard modem - 200 ft. cable - installation)

Hardwired Computer Network Cost
Typical average cost to install a hardwired computer network in San Antonio is about $1,010-$1,460 (4 room cat 6 networking installation without pre-wiring)

San Antonio, TX 78244
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Payment options
Kenneth Bonds accepts cash, checks and credit cards
Hourly rate: From $20 to $50

United States Air Force -- Antenna Systems Installation/Maintenance. Systemax certified on voice and data telecommunications components.

Cities served
San Antonio, Austin, Round Rock, New Braunfels, San Marcos, Seguin, Pflugerville, Cedar Park, Kerrville, Beeville and other cities within 145 miles of San Antonio.
Services offered

We provide a Lifetime Guarantee on all of our work. If any problems occur with anything we installed, we will correct the situation at our expense, of course.

This is the first year, so, I have not had the opportunity to gauge or to get a average. So far, I have completed two major projects and we are very close to completing a third.

I became tired of working for someone else. I placed an ad on Craigslist and the local newspaper. I then started receiving cable Television and telephone installs. AT&T had a huge backlog, some customers were waiting months to get their phone lines installed and repaired.

If you are considering upgrading your voice or data computer system; I would recommend going with a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) system. Your telephone and your computer will share the same cable.

I wish they knew about the difficulties we face while installing new cables at a location. Stockpiling merchandise, or using Telecommunications closets for storage sheds creates problems and hazards for use.

Telephone or data cable installations, repair or troubleshooting. We also get a lot of cross connecting new phone lines to a particular location or office/home outlet.

I'm proud of the Taco Cabana Restaurant project I finished during July of this year (2013). We eliminated unused telephone numbers and had other devices sharing the same telephone number. We completed several stores in San Antonio, and Houston, to include, the surrounding areas.

What type of cable do you need for the installation. Plenum cables are more expensive than riser and PVC cables because they will burn at a much slower rate, and will not give off as much toxic fumes in the event of fire.

Customers may not know that I'm trying to provide excellent customer service while, also trying to provide a quality product that's defect free.

How much will all this cost? The cost will vary, it depends on the number of cables needed, and the number of workers needed to complete the project in a timely manner.

Can I put off upgrading my telephone and computer system any longer? How will the work be done to avoid any major or long communication downtime.


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