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Ricky Ray Taylor's BoxerDRILLZ Corporation

BoxerDRILLZ Boxing Training in New York, NY

New York, NY

About Ricky Ray Taylor's BoxerDRILLZ Corporation

Ricky Ray Taylor, President of BoxerDRILLZ Corporation and full-time trainer is a freelance Boxing Trainer who has been scouring the Manhattan boxing circuit since 2000. With a lifetime of involvement in every capacity of this sport from fighter, to judge, to referee and now trainer, his knowledge is as deep as his burning PASSION to teach.

Taylor is recognized as the second person to ever graduate college on a Boxing scholarship (funded entirely by the U.S. Olympic Education Center) and he finished his career winning numerous tournaments, having competed in 140 sanctioned fights.

People choose to Box for a variety of reasons. Thus, the attitude of a Champion is instilled throughout each BoxerDRILLZ Training session in order to secure each and every goal.

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All this to say that ther is barely a topic in BOXING that I cannot teach and teach well. Every aspect of Boxing Training is covered, demonstrated & implemented. My "been there, done that" attitude is humble - because I'm still learning yet, ON FIRE because I love to teach.


All of them. Yet, as stated above - my line of BoxerDRILLZ gloves are what I choose to surround myself with in the gym.

23 E26th Street, Basement
New York, NY 10010
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Ricky Ray Taylor accepts cash, checks, Paypal and credit cards
Hourly rate: From $75

I am certified by USA Boxing as a sanctioned Coach.

Services offered

When I moved to NYC in September of 2000, I knew exactly what I wanted to do for a living - it was THIS. My first call to action was to call each and every fitness center in Manhattan, introduce myself to the owner & ask if I could come by to discuss conducting Boxing-classes in their facility. I then waited on them to call me back. In the meantime I would hang around a few boxing gyms in order to

1/get my name out there by establishing connections, 2/learn how to hold the mits for fighters (since I was a boxer & not a trainer - 20 odd years in the sport and I never held mits for anyone),


In all honesty, the work towards a fighters evolving in Boxing is never finished. A decent trainer will make sure their fighter runs each day/night, eats properly & goes to bed on time. Granted, the majority of MY fighters to not actually "compete" yet, I treat most of them as if they are going to step into the ring. Thus,

I need to complete the professional service which they have entrusted me to provide.

I spent my first 7 years of life living in a '29-foot motorhome, caravaning around America with a 6 piece band, mother and father along with 6 brothers and sisters in tow (my parents were entertainers and had a comedy/singing/dancing on-the-road show). They gave it a rest when I was in 2nd grade.

Recently, I established my own line of Boxing Products. "BoxerDRILLZ" gear can be found on Amazon's website under the search term, "BoxerDRILLZ". So far, one can find Boxing Gloves (12, 14 & 16 oz), Handwraps ('180, Mexican style) & duffle-bags.

1: Have you ever "competed" as a boxer before?



Ricky Ray is the best.


One of the best boxing trainers out there.

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