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Computer Technician and Services in Rutherford, TN

Rutherford, TN

About Robert's Computer Services

Robert's Computer Services offers the following services:

  • Setup Online Emailing Programs
  • Training Staff on Many Different Programs
  • Provide Technical Support to Clients
  • IT Issues Solutions
  • Maintaining Databases to Keep Them Updated
  • Technical Adviser for Any and All I.T. Related Upgrades
  • On-site Computer Repair
  • SOHO Configuration (Small Office/Home Office)
  • Network and Printer Troubleshooting
  • Password Recovery
  • Installation of RJ-45ís, Keystones, Motherboards and More

In addition to all those, I would also like to mention that I am proficient in Microsoft Windows and Office. I'm also good at any LAN, WAN, WLAN and MAN and other technologies.

I can handle almost any imaginable computer-related problem there is. Contact me today!


I specialize in computer and network repair and administration.


I work with Microsoft products.

Rutherford, TN 38369
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Payment options
Robert Parks accepts cash
Hourly rate: From $40 to $40

The most common type of jobs are:

  • Hardware replacement
  • Virus
  • Ad-ware
  • Spy-ware detection and removal
  • Printer installations and problems

I wish they knew how to take proper care of their computer systems.

I like computers and wanted to learn more. So I went to a school for computer and network repair and administration.

Ask about their schooling and certifications and how much experience they have.

I can provide them with technical support for repair-related problems.

I would usually get questions about printers not printing. The answer is to re-install printer drivers.

I also usually get blue screen issues (called the blue screen of death. Usually a system restore will fix this. But sometimes, a total re-install of the Windows Operating System has to be done.

They should know at least any error codes, or what website they were on when the error occurred.

I average at about 50 to 500 projects a year.


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