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About Stonepath / Reflective Impressions Marble and Tile installation and restoration services

For 20 years, we have been providing high-quality craftsmanship at very reasonable prices. We specialize in marble and tile custom installations. We were featured in the Parade of Homes and various magazine publications.

Hundreds of very satisfied customers can vouch for our reputation. We commit to one job at a time. We are not a multi-production company.

We only use high-quality materials, and when possible, we use biodegradable, nontoxic materials, like our sealers for stone, tile, concrete and wood.

We are a marble and tile restoration and installation company with a crew of 2; my partner and myself.

We handle all phases of tile installation from tear out to the finished product including minor framing modifications to accommodate design changes for showers, pony walls, etc.


We specialize in the installation and restoration of marble and tile.

We can handle all facets of bathroom or kitchen remodels, as well as stone repair and tile cleaning/maintenance.

We have worked in many high end homes and commercial locations throughout the Austin area, including the Austin Club downtown next to the capitol, The W Residence (including the penthouse suite), and Sheraton Austin hotel.

· Our residential customers have ranged from affluent business owners, former sports figures, and politicians with multi million dollar homes, to modest residential home owners looking to enhance their homes.


We work with many different brands of tile, stone and setting materials including interceramic, Daltile, Latticrete, Custom, and Mapei. Our stone restoration materials come mainly from Italy and Austin and include Klindex, Akemi, Foxfire, and Star system products.

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We work according to industry standards set forth by TIA (Tile Institute of America) and MIA (Marble Institute of America). We adhere to ASTM specs.

Cities served
Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, Pflugerville, Cedar Park and Leander
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The best piece of advice I can offer is to effectively communicate the scope of work to be performed and also make sure that your choosen contracor completely understands the end result you desire. Another prudent thing to do is get three estimates. The reason for this is not only financial but also for piece of mind. After speaking with a few contractors you can judge which ones truly care and are actually capable professionals and which ones may not have your best interest in mind. One phrase that I heard many years ago still rings true "The bitterness of a poor install remains long after the sweetness of a cheap price".

The most common types of installation jobs are basic floor tile installations with large grout joints. Think tile floor in a typical builder installed home.

It is very hard for me to limit this response to merely one project. We take extreme pride in all of our work and in the finished product we present to our customers. I will mention 3. The first being the restoration of the Marble floor at the Austin Club downtown next to the Capitol in which we were tasked with refinishing the floor & repairing a medallion on the floor that was carved into a marble slab and inlaid with brass leaf and logo inserts. We removed all of the metal work and reconditioned the upper and lower metal pieces and then filled the leaves and logo recesses with epoxy tinted to the colors desired.

The second is the remodel of a bathroom in South Austin. The remodel consisted of deleting the standard whirlpool tub in favor of a large wraparound shower with a curved outer wall and stand alone Victorian style tub. The shower was designed so that no glass or doors were required. The outside shower wall was to be covered with oval glass tile. This required some creative solutions in order for the tile to bend around a 90 degree corner and also meet up with 2x2 mosaic tile on the inside of the shower.

The project included floor and wainscot tile as well. Once completed the homeowner was thrilled and her sister; an interior designer was impressed.

The third would have to be The restoration of Travertine flooring inside and around the pool deck and custom install of mosaic tile around the jacuzzi and water feature in a 7000 square foot house in south Austin. The Home had sat vacant for 5 years and the floors were in rough condition to say the least. There were numerous cracks throughout the floor and all other contractors the owners spoke with said the tile would have to be replaced. We explained that stone tile can be repaired using a liquid polyester (that when cured is actually harder than the stone itself) that we custom tint to match the tile. The cracks were repaired and the floor ground down to bare stone and repolished.

Both my partner and myself are college educated professionals who originally worked in professional enviroments but found little satisfaction in these rolls, so we choose to do what we were passionate about.

I think far to many people believe that all there is to installing tile is just spreading out thinset and sticking tile to it. In fact a quality install requires careful planning and layout even before the first tile is set, and true quality is actually an art that requires great skill, knowledge and commitment to excellence.

We offer annual maintenance on Marble and stone installations and stone restoration projects to insure the stone remains in pristine condition. We also offer a 1 year warranty on any installations.

I got my start in the tile and Marble installation industry about 20 years ago after working in professional settings for Johnson and Son and The New York transportation department. I worked as an apprentice under a skilled and very knowledgeable craftsman until I had enough experience to perform installs of Marble and tile on my own. My partner Got his start doing Marble and stone restoration in San Antonio approximately 15 years ago. We Joined together in 2010 and have worked as a partnership since.

One thing about our field is their are a million and one different scenarios, designs, and combination of materials. As a result there is very little repatition and questions and concerns are rarely the same. The one that sticks out is how do I properly maintain my stone flooring, showers, etc. The answer is to never use a acidic or basic cleaner and only a PH neutral cleaner made for stone and to have the stone professionaly maintained when it begins to dull or look dirty even after normal cleaning.

I reccomend anyone considering a tile install or remodel to do their homework on what material, type and style of tile they plan on using for their home and what its limitations and benefits are for certain areas. The type of material and area it is used in can greatly increase or decrease the cost of installation due to the specific requirements of each. For example marble costs a great deal more to properly install than basic ceramic tile and requires a commitment on the part of the homeowner to have the stone professionally maintained in order to retain the stones beauty.

What is your level of experience, and what tile installation guidlines/ methods do you follow, ie do they follow the Marble Institute of America and Tile Institute of Americas installation procedures .

We average 10 to 12 projects a year most taking from two to four weeks. Our projects range from Complete remodels to Full restorations of marble tile and furniture tops. We have even completely reconstructed a burial monument from 1799 that was completely in at least 70 pieces and half buried.



"We purchased a home with a lot of stone flooring throughout. The stone was so worn that if you ran your hand over it, it left a white chalky dust on it. We called in Guy and Roamie to help us restore it. The amount of work was quite extensive both indoor and outdoor by the Pool. They were very professional, friendly and reasonable. We completely trusted them and felt they were very honest. They really care about doing the job right and stand behind their work. Overall, we were really happy and pleased. Our stone floors were brought back to life and looked sparkling beautiful! We definitely recommend them and would definitely call them again. " - Terry M., Austin, Texas

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