RSR Development Design + Build

Residential Builder Design Build Remodeler in Alamo, CA

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RSR Development Design + Build

Residential Builder Design Build Remodeler in Alamo, CA

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About RSR Development Design + Build

We are a residential renovator and builder specializing in design-build projects from the ground up. We are also a California certified Lead-Safe contractor with more than 23 years of experience.

Call us and we are sure to provide you quality renovations, custom homes, remodeling, additions, alterations, and kitchens and baths.

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RSR Development design Build specializes in engineering for foundations and special drainage issues around the house, such as french drains.

We also specialize in Kitchen and Bath remodels, Decks and Patio's, Additions and alterations, major structural issues that require a professional engineer.

We believe in leaving all our project clean and tidy each day and being on time and on budget.

Our friendly staff and sub trades will meet or beat your expectations.


We use some of the best brands and products in the industry as per our clients wishes and our high standards, brands such as Kohler, and Grohe fixtures for plumbing. Top quality bathroom tiles from Porcellano to just name a few.

Questions and Answers

  • What we may not know about you?
RSR Development Design Build also specializes in engineered French Drains systems around the house. We specially design each drainage per site conditions.
  • What questions should a customer ask before hiring you?
The questions to ask a contractor first and formost is if they are licensed, bonded and have workers compensation? What kind of condition the sub trades leave the house in after the days work is finalized?Finally the most important question is whether your a full service remodel contractor or a handyman contractor?
  • What are you most proud of?
RSR Developments most proud project was a Aging in Place total home remodel in Concord, CA, the project started off as a total kitchen and bathroom remodel to be wheelchair accessible and finished off with a complete home remodel.
  • What do you recommend to know before hiring you?
First and formost the home owner should have a budget they are working with that is realistic and practical.
  • What types of jobs are the most common?
The most common jobs are Kitchen and Bath remodel along with countertops.
  • What kind of questions do customers ask you?
The most frequent question customers ask is whether we will leave their home clean and tidy each day after the sub trades are rapped up.We are very particular about keeping our customers homes spotless and cleaner then when we first arrived.
  • What is important to know about your profession?
I wish some of our customers knew more about the difference between a handyman and a general contractor, handyman doing the work himself and having less over head and not using top quality sub trades such and licensed Plumbers and Electricians.
  • Do you offer any service after finishing the work?
Once the keys are turned over we still aim to please with after sales service above and beyond. RSR developments work is all guaranteed for 1 year, all warranty work will be dont on time and in a courteous manner.
  • How did you get started?
RSR Development Design Build's founder is a professional engineer with over 40 years experience in structural issues, for the past 25 years we have concentrated mostly on residential and some commercial project either our own of for clients.
  • How can we save money hiring you?
Customers can save money on cabinetry for kitchen and bath by using semi custom cabinetry rather then custom cabinets.
  • How many projects do you average in a year?
We complete and average of 10 to 12 project per year, normally kitchens and baths. If we were to do a major renovation on a home then the number can be considerably less since a major remodel can take well over 6 to 8 months for design to turning over the keys to the owner.
Alamo, CA 94507
   (925) 273-4108
Contact Nash Sal

CA licensed & bonded general building contractor; license # available upon request.

Members of the Golden Gate BBB.

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