Golf Lessons in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, AZ


My name is Riley Summers. I am an experienced golf coach with 35 years of experience.

I have taught beginners to tour pros.

I live in Ahwatukee and usually teach in this area at a variety of courses but can travel to your area if you so desire. I am very patient and can help with ALL aspects of your game.

Learn YOUR swing, not some method. Contact me now!


Golf Teaching from rookies to pros.

Phoenix, AZ 85044
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Payment options
Riley Summers accepts cash and checks
Cities served
Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Tempe and Gilbert
Services offered

I teach an 80 year old man who has become my "de facto" best friend.

All his friends have died or quit playing.

I am a golf teaching professional.

Experience and knowledge of current industry trends

Ongoing teaching and consulting and a friend who listens.


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