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Carmichael, CA

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Serving Sacramento area and all surrounding locations, Russell Tile travels for work providing free in home estimates and consultations about project design and installations of ceramic tile, porcelain, marble, granite, travertine, slate, quartzite, mexican pavers, thin brick, and mosaic tiles.


We install all and any type of tile or stone for your home or business. High end quality installs for any type of job you need complete


I work with the highest quality brands that the tile industry offers. There are so many products out there that work and do the same thing; it just comes down to price at times.

Carmichael, CA 95608
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Jayme Russell accepts cash and checks

I am a California State licensed contractor. That means I have passed a trade and law test. I have had my background done by Livescan. My CSLB # is 941474 (C-54).

Cities served
Sacramento, Vacaville, Elk Grove, Citrus Heights, Roseville, Davis, Lodi, Yuba City, Carmichael, Woodland and other cities within 70 miles of Carmichael.
Services offered

Its just hard work. You have to be able to keep going all day for sometimes more than eight hours in a day.

If needed, I will come seal your tile or stone a year later if needed. If you need to have me come caulk some tile joints, I am more than willing to keep my customer happy.

Are you licensed? How long have you been doing tile? Who got you started doing this trade? Sometimes questions about if I know others in a different trade to recommend.

I completed two tub surrounds with soap inserts and liners and two floors with tile base. The customer loved it and has showed it off to her friends.

I really do take pride in my work. From the time I was just getting into this trade, this is what I was taught to do--take my time and make sure everything is correct.

Ask if they're licensed and how long they have been in the trade. Ask for some pictures of past work also.

Just know what you want to have done. If it's a shower or a floor, I can help with picking some things, but the homeowner must have an idea to go off.

My dad has been in the trade from the time I was in high school. I would go work with him during weekends. Fun times!

Look for deals on tile or stone at your local Home Depot or around at other tile shops. Compare prices, and you will most likely find what you want for a better price.

In this trade, the most common work is floors and showers or tub surrounds. Every project takes on its own life. There are never two of the same. It's always custom work done by hand.

Its hard to keep track. With the economy on the fritz still, my work has slowed down as has everyone else's. I work very hard to keep myself busy.


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