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Exclusive Models and Performers in Palm Desert, CA

Palm Desert, CA

About Sebastien-Krystofer Productions

At Sebastien-Krystofer Productions, we offer exclusive models and performers for the purpose of entertainment and the bringing together of people and families.

This private company was founded in December of 2009 and will continue to support future models and performers.

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I specialize in modeling, modeling instruction, performing of the rock, pop, jazz and contemporary fashion. I also offer dance services and choreography.


Right now, I offer exclusive recording services through Mixcraft 5, a fine work of art from the recording industry. As a performer, you have to be versatile in everything we do, so you offer us the material, we work with it.

Palm Desert, CA 92211
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Payment options
Krystofer Do accepts cash and checks

I have no professional affiliations, but I do promise to offer the best kind of service we can give as the young company we are.

Cities served
San Diego, Santa Ana, Riverside, Anaheim, San Bernardino, Oceanside, Chula Vista, Fontana, Garden Grove, Ontario and other cities within 150 miles of Palm Desert.
Services offered

After work is finished, I may recommend customers to other companies that can sponsor them, particularly models who need a little more money to strive off of. In short, Los Angeles is the best option for work in that field.

Customers should ask whether or not professionals have experience in what they do. They should also ask about personal accomplishments and what their company has done for the community they serve.

I average in about 1 major project a year. Other projects are done as fundraising events or private events for the employees of our productions. We all have our own lives to live and expect each other to leave the company after a short time with the company.

Us. Most of our services are done as a non-profit organization because we know the world is tough right now. I also recommend careful research through the internet, as it is the strongest running resource the world has.

The project I am most proud of is our recent concert done in November of 2011. Dedicated to my father and other cancer victims, we featured songs from Michael Jackson, Michael Buble and myself. There is also an ongoing project called "The Desert's Anthem" meant for giving the desert we live in a song we can all relate to.

As a performer, I wanted to take my skills to a higher level and build a better community through the talents of others. By building others, I believe a community is better served.


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