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South Easton, MA

About Shilakowsky Arts Music

Hi, I am Harris Shilakowsky of Shilakowsky Arts Music. I specialize in music for all applications-

  • Live music and musicians
  • Music production services including composition and production for advertising
  • Background
  • Concerts
  • Special events such as conferences

I have been creating music for over 30 years. Video production partnership is also available for multi-media projects. All styles of music available. I can be an excellent source for corporate entertainment for your business. I can do music personnel and performing artists research and recommendations. I can negotiate bookings on your behalf. I offer direct services to businesses and individuals or sub-contracting to agencies and planners.

I can fulfill unusual requests. Contact me today!


  • Musical entertainment both live and recorded
  • Recording and production services
  • Live entertainment booking and contracting
  • Orchestral and band services (arrangements, contracting)
  • DJ fulfillment, related entertainment services subcontracted
  • Event planning assistance provided


We operate independently as Shilakowsky Arts Music. We also book our own services through Entertainment Specialists. We also refer some services to them. I personally perform for Palace Theater in Manchester NH, Providence Performing Arts Center and many other venues across New England.

South Easton, MA 02375
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Payment options
Harris Shilakowsky accepts cash, checks, Paypal and credit cards

Bachelor's Degree in Music from NEC, Master's degree in music from Yale University. Member ASCAP. Member Boston Local 9-535 American Federation of Musicians. Member Pi Kappa Lambda. Member NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences).

Cities served
Boston, Providence, Worcester, Springfield, Hartford, Manchester, Lowell, Cambridge, Brockton, New Bedford and other cities within 150 miles of South Easton.

We remove all equipment that we bring and always try to leave the performance area clean and neat. If you have contracted for recordings to be made of any portion of the performance, we provide a link for you to download your recordings. We will make arrangements to ship any music or other supplies that belong to you back to you. Please ask for an addendum or rider to be added to your contract that specifies the details to your satisfaction.

All musicians who are true professionals train as long as your doctor does to get their education. They not only love their craft, but they are fiercely proud of their perfection and professionalism. Many musicians earn their entire living from performing and teaching music. It is considered, especially by conservatory-educated musicians, as a profession. Professional who have more years of experience tend to perform a more pleasing gig, and tend to take issues such as punctuality more seriously. We also invest large sums of money into our equipment and instruments.

Projects including live music bookings, recording sessions and concerts average between 60 to 120. We take bookings up to 3 years in advance, so some advance organizational work is also being done during the year that we sign the contract.

performance (weddings, concerts, recording sessions, corporate events, parties), recording sessions, recording concerts, arranging songs for events.

Music lessons and professional conservatory training led to orchestral and band positions and work in recording studios (both audio and TV). Work in the wedding business and a steady relationship with one of New England's largest entertainment agencies has kept our groups active.

Book all of your musical services with one organization. Plan the amount of time you really need music carefully and write your contract accordingly.

Our most recent wedding booking in Newport RI included providing a string trio for the ceremony and cocktail hour and providing a 7-piece band for the dinner and dancing.

  • Do you have the type of entertainment I am looking for?
  • Are your performers professional, reliable and will they please my clientel/friends/family?
  • Are you experienced in performing for my type of event?
  • Will you carry all of your own equipment?
  • Can I book all of my entertainment needs through you to save time. If I do so, will I get a discount for packaging it all through you?
  • Can you record my event and make it available for listening after?

If its an EVENT; What type of event are you planning? Where are you hoping to hold your event? How long will it be? (is it a one day or short event, or multiple day conference, etc). What is the date (this can be approximate). Do you have any ideas of the type or style of entertainment you'd like? You may use a theme of the event. If you are booking SERVICES; What type of project are you working on? Tell us a bit about your needs and expectations (ie, you need advertising music or background music for _______. The product is ______. ) -or- you need a musician to help fill out the remainder of your project, or you need a studio and engineer to help you finish a project.

how much will it cost for my ____ (ie wedding) ceremony music? How much will it cost to (recording engineer) record my concert?

I was a guest concertmaster (leader of the violins) of the London Symphony Orchestra and also played the first ever aired show of the Nashville (TV) Network as an assistant concertmaster of the Nashville Symphony Orchestra.


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