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We offer inside home/office cleaning only. We don't do any outside cleaning at the moment. We are buying new equipment to start in July to do outside cleaning, like power washing the whole house with the right product, removing mold and stains.


We try to use nature-friendly products, but most of the time, our costumers already have the products they like and ask us to use those.

Remodeling cost guides

Sewer Line Cleaning Cost
Average cost to clean the sewer line in Natick is over $280 (standard professional cleaning)

Roof Cleaning Cost
Average cost to clean a roof in Natick is over $350 - $410 (low pressure wash with minor upgrades)

House Cleaning Service Cost
Typical cost to hire a house cleaning service in Natick is around $100 - $170 (weekly cleaning - 2000 sq.ft home)

Window Cleaning Cost
Average cost to hire window cleaning services in Natick is over $410 - $550 (20 windows panes - interior & exterior - 1500 sq.ft., one story house)

Carpet Cleaning Cost
Typical average cost to hire carpet cleaning services in Natick is over $80 (12' x 18' carpet)

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Boston, Cambridge, Newton, Somerville, Framingham, Brookline, Medford, Brighton, Arlington, Marlborough and other cities within 25 miles of Natick.
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Use us! I have a lot of tips for my costumers about cleaning products, how they can save with it and what to buy!

Actually my wife started this business 10 years ago, with only 3 places to clean. With references and advertising she got a lot of clients and a great business! I joined her almost 5 years ago and have now my own schedule and my own costumers!

We are looking to grow a little more only to the point that only both of us work, no other employees. So we can trust our costumers and most important, our costumers trust us!

It is really good if you can provide references to new costumers so we can bond trust between us. We have to trust each other in everything so we can be comfortable with each other. It's very important!!!

You need to have experience with cleaning products. It doesn't matter if you take, for example, a stainless steel cleaner but you don't know how to use it. We have experience and we can show it to you with our work.

The first question is how much I charge? Like I said before, I really cannot give an estimate by the phone, I really need to see your place and listen to your needs so I can give you then the right price.

We got a Child Care Center to clean everyday, in the first day, the owner called me and said he wanted to talk personally, at first I got scared, but the only thing he said was, "How did you get this place so clean and smelling so good?".

Well, if I tell you, you won't hire me anymore. It's really good to see that the costumer is happy about our work and if not, just let us know where we can improve!

Costumers always like kitchen and bathrooms really clean, for them, is the most important areas. I always try to leave every place really clean and smeeling great!!!



They just did a job for me today in my apartment in Newton that I'm moving in. Was not sure about cleaning services because I never had one before! But after Marco and his wife left, wow, much better place I have now! Will be calling to book at least once a month. They were recommended to me from a friend who is a regular customer! Will also recommend!


Hard working and always prompt to help! You can call him with no regrets!! Found him on Craigslist and will keep him as my cleaner from now on!


Just started using him couple of weeks ago! Great person and always trying to do his best to leave my apartment the way I like it! Trustworthy and hard working person, and of course I will recommend him and his services to anyone!


Will always recommend Marco's services! Great person and always a great job in my place! He is my cleaner for about 1 year now, and never had a complaint! Always impeccable!


I just love his services! Very clean and perfect!


Marco is a great guy and really hard working! Did whatever I asked him to do, also scrub all bathroom walls! My bathrooms are shinning and smelling like its brand new!!! Also helped me pack a lot of stuff and take it outside to the trash! Really hard working and honest! Found him on Craigslist and now he is becoming my regular cleaning guy! Will recommend for sure!


I love Marco! He is a great person and work really hard! He is my cleaner for the last past year and always did a great job! I usually leave a note of what I want done extra, and it is always a great job, never ever had a complaint! Will recommend for sure!!!


Wow! That's what I can say about Marco!!! Great personality and great work! I was impressed how he left my apartment so clean and smelling wonderful! That was his first time coming to my place, now, became regular, once a month! Wonderful!!!


Marco is a great person, always on time and always giving me a reminder about my house cleaning that is scheduled for the next day! Being with him for about 6 months and its great to have him coming to our place and clean it! Definitely is great to get home and see everything in order and clean! Will gladly recommend to everybody!


Marco is our house cleaner for almost 3 years now. No complains at all. Always a good job and always trying to make his best for us! Thank you for being a great person Marco!


Marco came to our apartment in Natick just before Christmas, did a great job! Can't complain of anything! We just hired him for every other week now. He also did a very good job working last Sunday at a party that we host being a barman! Amazing skills..:)!!


Always a good job and never a problem! That's how we can describe Marco! He is a great person and always trying to make his best to make our home as comfortable as possible! Thank you Marco!


Marco and Regiane came to my place and did a really good job! To be honest, I was not expecting much from a guy, but he is really amazing and did a really good job with his wife! Thank you Marco and Regiane! After their first cleaning, he became regular and kept doing always a great job! We are their customer now for over 2 years, and no problems whatsoever!

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