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Signature tile Setters, Inc. is a professional tile installation company that strives to maintain a long record of satisfied clients.

When it comes to home improvements, tile is always a big part of every design. We understand there are many choices out there, and are always eager to help you achieve your ceramic, stone or glass mosaic needs.

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Installation of Ceramic, Natural Stone and Glass Mosaics.

Pittsville, MD 21850
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Dover, Salisbury, Seaford and Pittsville
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Before Hiring a tile professional, There are several good Questions you should Always ask: How Long do You Warranty your work? Do you have any References? Are you Licensed and Insured? Ask general Questions about product recommendations to see how knowledgeable they are. And ask them if they personally will be doing the work or do they sub-contract the work out?

My Summer Job in High School was Laboring for a tile guy. I would make cuts and mix up thin-set and grout for him, and just keep tile stacked up next to him as he would install. This was exhausting work for a high school Kid,

After Your new Tile Installation, we offer many services and inspections to help ensure that it will look great for years to come. many stone products need to be sealed and re-sealed which is easy to neglect. regular cleaning and maintenance, re-grouting and re-caulking are services we provide.


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