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About SK Media Designs

SK Media Designs is a reliable company creating functional and great-looking Web sites at reasonable prices. We also offer online marketing and graphic arts. Moreover, we offer SEO services providing advanced level coding, analysis and reports, as well as back link building.


Web Design and SEO is our specialty. We enjoy creating great Web sites that rank well in Google and other search engines. There is not a point to make a Web site these days and not do SEO.

So if you are a business with products and services that can’t be found in Business Listings, Ads and Organic Search Results, you might have used your resources incorrectly.


We specialize in providing Web designs using Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, CMS Systems and other related products. Our SEO services utilize the entire Google Webmaster Tools and utilities packages to provide up-to-date reports, research, and analysis as well as other various products to manage back link services and online marketing services.

Remodeling cost guides

Feng Shui Design Cost
Total cost to implement feng shui design in Kansas City is about $520 (one in-person consultation for an average home by a consultant)

Bathroom Design Cost
Typical cost to design a bathroom in Kansas City is over $4,160 (to hire a bathroom designer to provide standard design services)

Interior Design Cost
Average cost to hire an interior designer in Kansas City is around $50 - $210 (per hour, small project)

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Payment options
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  • SEO Experts Academy Certified
  • WordPress Designing Certified
  • Google Business Listing and Adwords Management

Services offered

Web design for a services company is the most common type of projects that we handle. It could be a plumber, mortgage agent, or lawyer as well as other related businesses.

We serve any type of business including e-commerce and completely unique as well as creative blogs and applications.

We are currently working with a large mortgage company creating advanced multi-level SEO services that are creating a strong impact on their business results. We have many other projects that we are proud of as well in many different Web site-related services.

We do an average of 2-300 projects a year. We do hope to continue to grow and expand on that in the future.

SEO is a very complex subject matter. We continue to learn new things each day ourselves, but it would be nice to understand the length of time and amount of work that is necessary to get a site to rank well in Google.

Our SEO services do provide a lot of information to attempt to give customers that beginner’s knowledge so that they understand what is involved and what to expect.

We provide free consulting before, during, and after projects are completed to help a business grow their site and Web presence further. We also provide other services that are fit to the needs of your growing business:

  • Web site Maintenance
  • Additional Graphic Arts
  • Miscellaneous Services

We started over 9 years ago, creating sites for family and friends and then turned it into a business. With web design college graduates and creative ideas we are able to provide high quality web related services at lower prices. We strive to help you with your site just like you are a friend or family member, and we expect nothing but the best for our customers. It is only logical as it will continue our relationship, and it provides the best results.

We provide some of the best services in the nation at incredibly low prices, both on Web design and SEO services. Moreover, our lists of sample works as well as our strong customer references continue to build with our growing business, and it assures customers that we are professionals.

Do you have samples of other sites you have worked on?

1. Do you have a Web site domain name?

4. Is the content of your site ready such as images, product, or service descriptions and logos?

For more ideas, we can suggest the best domain names, Web hosting services, and ways to get the site you want created.

We highly recommend a Wordpress designed site along with our Bronze SEO back link building package. This option will put any Web site on the path to success with just an average cost of less than $900.

Our SEO packages are performed for 6 months with monthly reports and overall suggestions as well as steps that everyone can concentrate on to increase the business traffic.

Our full service SEO packages with expert trained professionals can only help your site and business.

Some of the most frequent questions are:

1. How much would it cost for a site like this?

2. How long does it take to create a Web site?


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