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Skin So Smooth offers full facial and body waxing services using only Berodin's French Hard Wax and an exclusive site specific Body Wrap. Clients often find the waxing services here to be much more comfortable, with less pain than most other waxing companies. We cater to fraidy cats.

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Facial and Body Waxing and spot specific Body Wraps. With waxing I concentrate on using techniques that increase comfort and lessen pain for as positive an experience as possible.


I use Berodin's French Hard Wax and supplies, the It Works Body Wraps,Image Skin Care and PFB Vanish products for Ingrown Hairs.

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Humble, TX 77338
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I am licensed with the State of Texas and have certifications in facial techniques including Hungarian facial massage.

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Don't feel compelled to get your waxing services at a high priced spa. Often waxing is lowest on their priorities as a service and the technician will have limited experience. When dealing with Brazilan waxing it is highly important to go to someone who does it on a daily basis. Most salons that focus solely on waxing charge far less for the services and do a much better job.

We are not judging their appearance. It is very uncomfortable for many people to disrobe in order to be waxed and they can set their minds at ease. We only see the hair. I have spoken to my friends that wax also, and for the most part we are all concerned about the client's comfort and getting as much of the hair as quickly as possible. Besides, we have scars and grow hair too.

It is extremely important to have the list of medications being taken and to know the active ingredients in any skin care products. Many of these can affect the resiliency and sensitivity of the skin. It is very dangerous to not be totally forthcoming about medications as skin can be lifted or severely burned.

My most frequent appointments are for Brazilians or Bikini, Under Arms or Eyebrows, since these areas respond most negatively to shaving.

A really important question to ask is, "What kind of wax do you use?" If they use what is referred to as "strip wax" run! There are varying types available, but across the board - hard wax is the best and causes the least reaction and pain.

I give extensive follow up directions, and follow up as the client continues to wax to be sure they have the best information for proper after care. With waxing, especially, it is absolutely necessary that the client use appropriate cleansers and a consistent exfoliation routine.

My kind of work doesn't translate into yearly projects. MOst people come every 4 weeks and receive services on a regular basis.

I began with a shop that focused on full body wraps, but the shop closed after Hurricane Ike. I then began working with waxing and discovered I loved it and had a knack for providing a comfortable atmosphere. This led to my opening my own shop 2 years ago.


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