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Knoxville Party Magic offers professional children's entertainment (magician, balloon artist, face painting), allowing you, the host to kick back, relax and enjoy your guests!

Ms Tickle will mesmerize the little ones with magic, puppets and balloons.

You can hire her also for simply balloon twisting or fantastic face painting. Magic show Ideal for ages 3 to 10. Face painting and balloons perfect for all ages.

Think of birthday parties, pool parties, sweet 16s, family night for restaurant openings, church events, community fairs, and more; we can do it all. Serving Knoxville & surrounding area.

We use only FDA approved cosmetic grade products for face painting and carry liability insurance for $1M.

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I specialize in entertaining children in unique ways via magic combined with puppets and balloons. Where ever children are gathered, consider hiring a professional entertainer that will provide lasting memories.

i also perform balloon twisting for family nights at restaurants and work trade shows twisting balloons and attracting clients for my customers.

If you don't think your home is big enough to accommodate your party, I can also provide you with a party venue at little to no cost to you. In this environment, consider booking the "Ms Tickle Total Party Package" - a 2 hour games, magic, music and dance party for all of the little ones. All you provide is pizza & juice and Ms Tickle takes care of the rest! Some of the adults will be amused also!

I may not be the best magician, balloon twister or face painter in the area but I can confidently say that I am the best at entertaining children and making them feel special. I love the kids above everything else and that love shines through my performance.


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Christine Maentz accepts cash, Paypal and credit cards

There really are none to obtain in this industry - whether it be magic, balloons or face painting. What counts are years of experience. Certainly you can be a member, for example of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM), or any other similar affiliation but I'm not sure that any of that will get you better gigs or guarantees that you'll be a better performer.

Cities served
Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Morristown, Maryville and Powell
Services offered

This is easy... don't spend your money on flamboyant decorations and fancy food. Kids like pizza, juice, pop/soda, cookies. I've been to many parties where there was food to feed an army - an army of gourmet eaters... not hungry kids! And limit the sugar! My website contains lots of ideas such as have the kids make crafts that will serve as decorations that they can then take home!

In this field, once you've terminated your event, the services end there. Needless to say, my work area will be cleaned and trash will be disposed off. Of course you always want to leave a good impression.

Within a day or two, expect a thank you message via email and within 10 day, a thank you card will arrive in the mail.

Your event will be marked on my calendar and I will contact you about 10 months later to see if you'd like to hire me again!

Along with my husband, we used to own/manage/operate a very successful online business which we recently sold. I can now work full time on my entertainment business. I'm first and foremost a business woman - then an entertainer!

  • How long have you been in this business?
  • Do you offer a 100% satisfaction guaranty?
  • For face painting, what kinds of paints and products are used?
  • FDA approved or obtained at a department store?
  • Are proper sanitation guidelines observed?
  • How long does a magic show last?
  • How much space is needed to accommodate your services?
  • Do the kids get to participate in the magic show?
  • Can you teach the kids simple tricks or simple balloon designs?
  • Will the adults be entertained at the same time?

My projects vary depending on what I am hired for. Performing magic at birthday parties are my main gigs. I always like to finish my shows with a period of balloon twisting - it's my wish that parents hire me for a little more time so that I can accomplish that.

I also have a regular family night restaurant job - I'd like to have more of those on different week nights.

The questions are always the same.. what do you charge and how long does a show/gig last. I'm prepared to answer any question a client may have with an honest answer.

I always follow up all my phone inquiries with a confirmation email detailing our conversation. What I really hope is to receive an acknowledgement reply - for some unexplainable reason, clients will only reply if they're ready to book. Clients who decide to not hire me will simply ignore the message. Personally, I find this rude as I have take the time to clarify my services, rates, etc. If a client finds issue with the contents, a return email or phone call to discuss options would truly be nice. Or, simply a message saying, "Thank you for this email but we have decided not to go this route." Common courtesy is always appreciated!

Everyone of the birthday parties that I perform at are special to me and I'm proud of each one of them. I always leave knowing that I've made the children happy and have provided them with a unique and memorable experience. I also know that the parent that hired me is happy with their choice.

I often am presented with autistic children and for reasons I cannot explain, I have a special connection with them. Parents are always amazed at the interaction that we have and the joy that I'm able to bring them with my art.

My first gigs were church events - word got out and I slowly began to get calls for other appearances. Once I realized the potential for this service, I took classes, read books, watched DVD's - I did everything I could to learn this trade and strive to become the best in my area.

The date and time of your event is the most important. Then, how many kids will be present and their ages. As far as what kind of entertainment the client needs can be discussed during the initial contact. What is your budget.

  • Birthday party magic shows - with my puppets
  • Strolling balloon twisting
  • Face painting
  • Glitter tattoos
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Table top balloon decor

Some folks balk at my hourly rate. What they don't understand is that I worked hard to learn what I know. I also put a lot of time preparing for their event. Making sure the act is age appropriate, that I'm presenting the right tricks, stories, puppets, etc. After "the show" I spend time cleaning my props, my attire, and reviewing my performance to perfect it for the next event. All things considered, for any one hour show, consider that I've spent at least two and a half dedicated to my client's event.

Clients also need to understand why we add "travel time" when drive more than 30+ minutes to their location. Take for example, a one hour balloon twisting gig is $100. If I drive 30 minutes both ways, that's an extra hour. Time to prepare and after the event, time to clean my equipment, replenish and cost of goods, taxes, insurance, gas, wear & tear on my vehicle - why would it be unreasonable for me to charge an extra $75?


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