Subcomm Pools

Pool Repair Services in Falls Church, VA

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Subcomm Pools

Pool Repair Services in Falls Church, VA

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About Subcomm Pools

Subcomm Pools was established in July 2006 to provide residential and commercial pool and spa services in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC.

We provide our clients with:

  • Pool repairs
  • Pool maintenance
  • Pool painting
  • Pool re-plastering
  • Vinyl liner installation
  • Acid wash
  • Plumbing and leak detection

Whether you are looking for dedicated, friendly pool maintenance or just a one-time swimming pool cleaner, look no further.

We are a licensed and insured swimming pool repairing company.

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Falls Church, VA 22042
   (703) 635-2696
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I would highly recommend Subcomm Pools for anyone needing pool services. They are by far the most reusable company I've dealt with for my pool services. The prices are reasonable and the work is excellent. The guys are very professional, especially Ricky and Chris, both the pool cleaner and Chris in the office. I really feel valued as a customer. They always elite to make sure that you are satisfied with their work!


After 15 summers of uninterrupted swimming and water games with the family in the pool at our Potomac residence, we noticed significant damage to tiles, coping and plaster. We carefully researched and compared several pool service/repair providers in the Washington area, most of which were eager to charge us incredibly high "Potomac prices".

One company stood out, not just for their reasonably priced services but for the technical know-how, professionalism and "low pressure" sales tactics.

After signing the contract and placing a deposit, in approximately 10 working days (double that in calendar days due to high rainfall in the Washington area), Subcomm Pools delivered on everything that was quoted, and more they made cost saving suggestions along the way, provided friendly and hardworking personnel that showed up on time, and management was always very responsive to our calls and inquiries (no matter what time or day of the week we called mainly via email, but also via voice, and text.)

Overall a great experience. I would highly recommend Subcomm Pools (Hristo and Miroslav) to anyone who faces a similar dilemma when opening their pool for the summer.

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