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About Sunday Creek Gun Care, LLC

Sunday Creek Gun Care, LLC is a gunsmith shop. We are new to the Jacksonville, Ohio area but we have an experienced staff to address all your gun care needs.

We specialize in cleaning, metal finishing and refinishing, custom stock work and custom hand loading and reloading services.

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Remington, Winchester, Smith And Wesson, Star, Derringer, Glock, Sig Sauer, Rossi, Rio, Hornady, Speer and Sierra. It's a long list and it grows weekly.

11077 Wemmer Rd.
Glouster, OH 45732
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  • Life Member North American Hunting Club
  • Member NRA
  • Member American Gunsmith Association
  • Federal Firearms License
  • Diploma From Penn Foster In Gunsmithing

Services offered

Written inspection form for any problems that may have been discovered during the initial repair/service, customer satisfaction inspection, post repair test fire, satisfaction follow up to be certain everything is still in good working order.



Gunsmithing is really a highly technical trade that takes much knowledge and patience. It is not just slap some cleaner on an old gun and call it clean or safe to use. If that were the case, we would have a gunsmith on every corner.

The biggest request I get is for a really good cleaning. A surprising number of gun owners do not know how to disassemble and clean a weapon properly, then reassemble it correctly. The second most common request is for rust removal. It can be a trying chore to stop a serious rust invasion.

  • Do you have specific experience with this type of issue?
  • Can I get an estimate for the issue? What does an estimate cost?
  • How long will it take to resolve the problem?

The number of projects in a year's time would be hard to say. I'm very confident in my abilities and would willingly take on any jobs that won't deface or devalue a firearm.

I am a very laid back type of person. I try not to get too excited. Im respectful and I'm willing to learn something new.

Give me a call, I will give you a very honest answer about what it would take to fix a problem with you firearm. It's not always really cheap to have professional service but I will gladly try to work something out with you. Most generally there are options for any situation.

Know what you are looking for. Try to be somewhat educated as to your particular issue, have a good description of the issue so when you call for help, it saves time for everyone. It will also aide in the diagnosis and repair process.

I started shooting at a very early age, with my father's old .22 pistol. I received my first gun when i was about 7 yrs old. It was my responsibility to do the upkeep, when I showed an aptitude for that I became the family gunsmith at the old age of about 10.

From then on I was the one who cleaned maintained and installed replacement parts on any gun my friends or family needed work on. After 20 plus years of being the go to guy I thought I should expand and offer my services to the general public.

I just officially opened my shop doors in november of 2011. My very first patron was of course an old friend with his "new find". It was an old Winchester 1897, made in 1903.

It came in with a busted stock, from a different gun, rusted and beat up pretty bad. By no means is it in mint condition now, but it is very impressive looking for being 109 years old! Looks great and shoots like a champ! I am very proud of that one!



I have known Adam for about 15 or so years, and he is very good with any firearm! I've been having him clean and repair my guns, any time he had a chance, for years, and I own more than a few. Now that he has a shop dedicated to his gunsmithing, I know I can have reliable, and quality work done all the time! Give him a call!


I'm a new customer to Sunday Creek Gun Care. I had An Old Remington 870 that was rusted really badly from being in storage for over 3 yrs. I was embarrassed to let anyone see the gun; it was so bad. Adam had it back to me in less than 36 hours, and now I'm proud to show it off! I tell anyone who wants to listen! I'm planning on refinishing another gun I have, and I know exactly where I'm taking it!


I would highly recommend Sunday Creek Gun Care! I was excited to finally have a gunsmith within close proximity of where I live. This guy knows his stuff! I'm definitely a customer for life!

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