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San Diego, CA

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Amira Solmaia, owner of Super Fit Mommies, has a background in athletics, endurance sports, military training, martial arts, dance, yoga, and post-natal fitness all stemming from her own personal experiences in each field. She has built up a training method for women that includes plyometrics, boot camp fitness, HIIT, pilates, dance, yoga, and meditation.

As a holistic life coach, Amira's goal and mission is to give empowerment to women by providing them the motivation and strategies to achieve their highest potential not just in regards to their health and fitness, but in every area of their lives.

Though friendly, upbeat and energetic, she takes a very nurturing approach with each of her clients. She builds their confidence up with each session and creates a customized training and nutrition plan that not only creates the lean and sculpted body they wish to achieve, but also strengthens and rejuvenates key areas of their body to prevent injury from training or daily tasks.


I specialize in health and wellness and holistic life coaching and personal development.

San Diego, CA 92130
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I provide ongoing nutritional and diet support as well as encouragement and exhortation.

I believe in helping people to not just look their best, but BE their best starting from the inside and working outwards.

  • How can you assist me in achieving my fitness goals?
  • Are you able to customize a training plan for my specific wants and needs?
  • What strategies can I expect to be assigned as a client of your life coaching?
  • What are the typical areas of development you usually find need to work with your clients on?


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