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Hello, I'm David Swincher for Swincher Solutions. I offer tutoring services for Math.

As a student myself at Transylvania University, I understand the struggles that school life presents. Either the teacher doesn't explain things in a way the student understands, or the student happens to lack the motivation to be successful in that class. Keeping this in mind, I will provide the best structure, information, and strategy (-ies) possible to give your student ultimate success in their math class.

I have tutored various levels of math at various ages / abilities.

My tutoring first started when I was in high school in an after school program. Mainly, I would help with Algebra (1 and 2) and Geometry. Occasionally, I would venture over to the adjacent middle school to help with pre-algebra related issues.

When I entered college, I sought purpose. I decided to continue tutoring.

Since then, I have been a tutor for college students here at Transy, helping with more and more subjects as I've progressed through my major (Mathematics).

Currently, in addition to high school level subjects, I can help with Calculus (I, II, III), Linear Algebra and most Mathematics topics in general.

Even if I don't know something, I will strive to learn it and help you learn it too.

Sure, it's an important quality for someone to know a lot. But I find that the most important quality is an undying motivation to help a student get better. Add to that, finding a common ground so that a student can relate and retain the information. This is what I bring to the table.

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