Symbio Building Solutions LLC

Home Remodeling in Denver, CO

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Symbio Building Solutions LLC

Home Remodeling in Denver, CO

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About Symbio Building Solutions LLC

With more than 22 years of hands-on construction experience, I have amassed a wide skillset ranging from rough framing, drywall, door and window installation, minor electrical, cabinet installation, trim carpentry, creative storage solutions, hardwood flooring.

I have worked with homeowners, general contractors, other subcontractors, real estate developers and flippers, friends, family, and anyone in between who has been in need of quality work. I reside and do business in Denver, CO and have a legal LLC setup through the secretary of state.

Additionally I am continually expanding my skillset, and increasing efficiency, so if you are in need of something else feel free to ask via email or phone call! I love solving problems in a creative and timely manner, and take pride in my workmanship regardless of the project.

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  • Carpentry: rough framing, trim, baseboard, casing
  • Doors: interior (standard bed and bath, french doors, closet bypass and bifold doors) I can also cut down wood doors for odd heights such as in a basement.
  • Doors: exterior (fire doors such as going from a garage into your home, entry doors)


  • Cabinet installation including kitchens, bath vanities, living room wetbars, garage storage cabinets.
  • Creative storage solutions (laundry room, closets, garage storage, basement solutions)
  • Flooring: hardwoods, engineered, floating

Questions and Answers

  • What questions should a customer ask before hiring you?
  • Have you done this type of job enough to feel confident in your ability?
  • Do you have pictures of work you've done in this specific area?
  • How long do you estimate this job taking? What happens if it takes more time?
  • Is your price in writing? What if it costs more than you figured?
  • How soon can you start?
  • Do you offer a bonus\discount for a referral (like to a friend or neighbor)?
  • How can we save money hiring you?
Be open-minded about material choices! I helped a friend of mine build a chicken coop with wood he literally got from job site dumpsters over a few jobs. He got used windows for free from a shed we updated, and he used extra shingles from doing the roof on his house. It was almost free.For those not in construction, take advantage of Craigslist, habitat for humanity, yard sales, or even driving around you may find usable building materials that will just take up space in a landfill anyways.Amazon Prime is a great resource that a real estate flipper I work regularly with uses for every house. She orders things like stainless hoodvents, cabinet handles, light fixtures, incredible faucets, and basically anything that will fit in a fairly large box. Prime is $99 a year, and depending where you live you might save a TON on not having to pay sales tax! Plus it is free 2 day shipping.This is a very long answer, but these ideas that I have picked up over the years are what differentiate me from your average contractor.
  • How did you get started?
I started in construction at the age of 6, helping my step dad at the beginning stages of what would turn out to be a 15 year restoration of our 1876 Victorian-era house. Throughout the years I learned a lot about nearly every phase of construction, as he was also a building inspector. When I moved out, I bought a house (at 22 years old) of my own (built in 1735) and proceeded to do a complete gut and rebuild from the inside out, the way I wanted it. Selling the old antique lumber and fixtures to fund all of the new work I was doing not only taught me resourcefulness, but creativity and efficiency. I have applied this to all areas of my life, and have always stuck with carpentry and construction as I love the constant challenges and ways to improve upon old ways of doing things.
Denver, CO 80205
   (860) 319-7030
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