Tap and B Wiring

Inside Wiring Experts in San Jose, CA

San Jose, CA

About Tap and B Wiring

We install low-voltage wiring voice and data for categories 3, 5 and 6.

We repair:

  • Inside telephone wiring
  • POS
  • T1 d/marc extension
  • DSL
  • Telco room cleanup
  • Networking
  • All your copper needs
  • Telephone jacks
  • Fax
  • Computer wiring

Tap and B Wiring is a licensed and insured family owned business. Lartrell, a Pacific Bell retiree, is joined by his two sons, Alque and Philip.

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734 Overland Wy
San Jose, CA 95111
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Payment options
Lartrell Redmond accepts cash and checks
Hourly rate: From $65 to $65
Cities served
San Jose, Fremont, Hayward, Sunnyvale, Redwood City, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Palo Alto, Watsonville, Livermore and other cities within 50 miles of San Jose.
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