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Same-Day Auto Title Transfers in Houston, TX

Houston, TX

About Texas Title Express

Texas Insurance Express here in Jersey Village is just spreading the word and letting the community know we are new here to the area, and we are a full-service vehicle title service agency and insurance.

If you are in need of a title transfer for your car, boat, trailer, bike, just let us know! We are full-service and have a one-day turnaround time. That's service!

We have all the good companies with the best rates! Your driving record doesn't have to be perfect to get the best rate.

We accept:

  • Young Drivers
  • No Prior Insurance
  • SR22

Walk in in the morning and request a title transfer or lost title copy. Come back around lunch time and it's done! Wow! We service Hwy 290, Jersey Village, Jones Road and surrounding areas.

Contact us today! We look forward to serving you.


We Specialize in Auto Title Transfers, Vehicle Registrations, Lost and Duplicate Title Replacement, Liens both Add and Remove. We specialize in helping new Texas Residents with there Out of State Vehicle Registrations.

7326 Senate Avenue
Houston, TX 77040
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Terri Flores accepts cash, checks, Paypal and credit cards
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Before Hiring a Professional in my trade you should do a little research make sure its a real legit business, Make sure they are not working out of the House you make sure they have a retail location or a public office where you will be able to contact them if there is ever a problem. You want to make sure who you hire will always be there and have a strong foundation. See if they are a BBB Member. Make sure they are Bonded and licensed. Your Vehicle Title is a very Important document you want to make sure its in safe hands.

I've been a Licensed Realtor for years and a long time friend of mine who also is in the Title business was short handed one day and asked if I could lend her a hand at her office because her office manager was out that week sick. So me being a good friend did so and this is gonna sound funny but I enjoyed processing the paper work and checking for accuracy its very similar to Real Estate. Plus this is a feel good business we help a lot of people who are lost and confused about a purchase they have made or want to make. My business is all about customer service, accuracy and what everybody loves speed. When it comes to Title forms, the paper work has to be perfect and accurate. So a year later I opened my own Office and we've grown over the years from a staff of 2 to a staff of 12. I am still active in Real Estate my employees are fully trained, licensed, bonded, and insured.

A frequent question we always get is, How long will this process take to transfer my Title into my name? Our response is , Same Day Service in most cases if you request service in the morning hours most likely we'll have everything handled after lunch time or 2 to 3 pm in most cases.

We have alot of repeat business. Most of our customers who have had a Title Transfer or Vehicle Registration contact us every year for renewals or for additional Transfers. We give our customers Free Notary and Fax Services, for some customers we will check out a Vin # of a Vehicle for them to make sure its free and clear if they are thinking of purchasing.

Most common jobs for us are Auto Title Transfers or Out of State Vehicle Registrations. Believe it or not folks a lot of people relocate to Texas and need everything changed from there home state to Texas.

Most customers may not know we are a fully Staffed, Licensed and Insured retail business. We are open to the public on a daily basis. We are a Better Business Bureau Member. We are not a 1 man operation or working out of the back of another business or from home. We are stable, solid and secure. Your Auto Title is in safe hands here.


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