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One Day Bathtub Refinishing in San Jose, CA

San Jose, CA

About The Bathtub Guy

We specialize in porcelain and fiberglass bathtub refinishing and repair.

We also perform:

  • Shower pan refinishing
  • Tile refinishing
  • Sink refinishing and repair
  • Fiberglass repairs
  • Caulking of bathtubs

We offer five-year guarantee on all bathtub refinishing.


Bathtub, Tile, Sink, Shower Pan refinishing and repair. Also installation of bottom inlays for cracked fiberglass bathtubs.


We offer a eco friendly no spray no odor refinishing process and also the traditional spray process. We use a high solids acrylic urethane coating.

Remodeling cost guides

Hot Tub Repair Cost
Typical cost to repair a hot tub in San Jose is over $930 - $2,660 (annually, fixing of appliances, replacement of worn-out parts, and minimal upgrading of parts)

Hot Tub Installation Cost
Average cost to install a hot tub in San Jose is around $4,660 (5'x6'x30')

San Jose, CA 95123
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Payment options
Greg Moretti accepts cash, checks, Paypal and credit cards

None I have been trained by what I would consider one of the best refinishers in the Bay Area. Plus when you love what you do that's a certification all by itself.

Cities served
San Jose, Fremont, Sunnyvale, Redwood City, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Palo Alto, Watsonville, Livermore, Mountain View and other cities within 45 miles of San Jose.
Services offered

Look at the company that you are having do your refinishing. Such as having the house painter refinish your bathtub. I've seen so many of these type of "cheap" jobs that look good for a month. Go with a company that specializes in the type of work your looking for.

We offer a 5 written five year guarantee on any refinishing project and a 1 year guarantee for any repair work.

We average about one bathtub and tile or one bathtub a day and I work 6 days a week. I refinish a lot of surfaces in a year.

The type of jobs that are most common for me are refinishing bathtub and bathtub & tile jobs. Also repairs of chips in bathtubs.

Call around for prices if you are considering refinishing. Also it save you thousands of dollars instead of replacing.

I'm proud of all my jobs. Looking at a bathtub or tile that I wouldn't take a bath in and then looking at it after it has been refinished I always say to myself "I would take a bath in that" and I don't even takes baths. So I'm proud of all my work because I love what I do.

Ask about if and how long the guarantee is that they offer. Company offer different length guarantees.

As a customer I would try to find online reviews to the company. If not then I would ask for references.

How long before I can use my bathtub? You can use your bathtub 24 hrs after it has been refinished.

Is there a smell? Yes, but we do use a ventilation system and usually the smell is gone within a few hours.

That I love to refinish the most dirty, stained, and ugly surfaces that there are. After I'm done I feel a sense of satisfaction when I look at the completed project.

I got started by answering an ad in the new paper. Started working for a "High End" refinishing company for a few years and then decided to start on my own. It was the best decision ever because I love what I do!


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