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About The IPhone Doctor

Our service representatives work hard to satisfy your needs and to provide the greatest possible experience. We offer a wide selection of device services on most devices including iPhones, HTCs, android, laptops and many other devices.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Basic diagnostic
  • Screen repair
  • Battery optimization
  • Housing replacement
  • Unlocks and jailbreaks (theme purposes only)

In addition, we offer to all AT&T customers the option to have a replacement phone while their iPhone or other cell phone is being serviced.

We can be contacted only by email at or visit


We specialize in Apple iPhone rapair, laptop and desktop repair of any brand.

Just because we haven't listed it as a specialty or listed on our services page doesn't mean that we don't do it. Just shoot us an email and we may be able to repair it.


We work with several brands and prouducts on a daily basis but Apple phone prouducts and HP, Acer, and Sony computer prouducts tend to be he most common brands and prouducts.

Remodeling cost guides

Basic Phone System Cost
Typical average cost to install a basic phone system in Statesboro is about $370 - $410 (two-line basic home phone system - 500 lf. wire)

Digital Phone System Cost
Average cost to install a digital phone system in Statesboro is around $6.99(plus per month fees for vonage north america)

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Payment options
The IPhone Doctor s. accepts cash, Paypal and credit cards

The most common type of repair services are iPhone screen repairs and iPhone button fixes. These two parts, the iPhone screen and buttons, seem to be the most prone to damage or ware out before the user is finished using the prouduct.

The most frequent question we get is:

What is the price of a particular service?

Ultimately, it really depends on what you need repaired. But at the same time, in any case, we could say that ordering a diagnostics service is the best way to go. With the diagnostics service we'll figure out what is wrong, this way you dont have to spend money on services that don't slove the problem. All you have to do is provide a brief description of the problem and sit back and wait. The only down side to this is that you have to wait longer than the 48 hours for most other services.



Good service and fast repair!

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