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The Music Lessons Studio

Piano - Keyboard - Accordion Lessons in La Mesa, CA

La Mesa, CA

About The Music Lessons Studio

I'm a professional Musician and Music Teacher. Member of the Music Teachers' Association of California.

I have been teaching music for over 25 years: Piano, Keyboard and Accordion.

I have combined my experience as a classical musician, band performer and composer to create my own unique method of teaching that simplifies the learning process, making it more enjoyable, fun and educational.


My Music Lessons Studio, located in the central part of La Mesa, has been offering quality piano instruction in La Mesa and San Diego County, teaching piano lessons for kids, piano lessons for teenagers, and piano lessons for adults.

Tanglerod Lane
La Mesa, CA 91942
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I love seeing students succeed, and I developed teaching strategies and methodologies that simplify many of the learning processes. I have combined my experience as a classical musician with expertise as a band performer and composer to create my own proved method of teaching people of various age groups, tailoring their musical interests and needs to their potential achievements.

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Teaching Style and Materials

All students will gain a full and comprehensive knowledge of the piano or the accordion. They will recognize music to be a beautiful gift, rather than thinking it a chore. They will not simply learn how to play the piano, but how to change their lives and the lives of others around them with their talents. I will encourage each student to dream, and dream big. Those with professional aspirations for their piano playing will not be held back. I envision all students using music as a source of inspiration, drawing on their current experiences of learning the piano later on in life. All students will grow musically, academically and personally through learning the piano. Each student will benefit from the intellectually stimulating and character-building nature of music during our piano lessons.

I always run number of projects. My rule is when i finish with one project, I start another.

I created my new website by myself without any previous experience. It took me some time, but now it's done and you can visit it at: www.TheMusicLessonsStudio.com



"My son was very lucky to start piano lessons with Paul.
He likes his piano lessons and he thinks that Paul is the best
piano teacher in the whole world. I'm amazed at how much
he has learned in a short amount of time. Thanks Paul!"

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