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The Perfect Move

Moving Company in Denver, CO

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About The Perfect Move

When you use The Perfect Move to relocate your home, office, single item delivery or just need a place to store your belongings, you have a team on your side.

From the booking agent to the dispatch department, every step of the way you have a personal advocate, looking to make sure all of your needs are taken care of.

Even after your move is completed, we encourage you to share your thoughts about your move, so we can continue to help redefine what a Perfect moving experience is.

Feel free to contact us today!

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Moving household goods Relocation of home or office and all of your storage needs The Choice Is Simple

When you use The Perfect Move to relocate your home, office or just need a place to store your belongings, you have a team on your side. From the booking agent to the dispatch department, every step of the way you have a personal advocate, looking to make sure all of your needs are taken care of. Even after your move is completed, we encourage you to share your thoughts about your move, so we can continue to help redefine what a Perfect moving experience is.

  • To quote Bob directly, the goal has always been to provide high quality full service moving "by the greatest team of movers ever assembled," with "no questions asked" customer service, and with the mission of making every customer a "customer for life."
  • The Perfect Move is considered one of the best local moving companies in Colorado and provides moving services to thousands of customers each year. Our professional, caring local movers are trained to provide the highest quality service.

Inhouse moving is one of the many award winning services that The Perfect Move provides. You can count on us to provide the same professional, careful, and personal service for your inhouse move as when we move across town.

Moving doesn't have to mean transporting furniture from one home to another!

Save yourself the physical and mental stress of moving items within a home by calling The Perfect Move for inhouse moving services.

Inhouse Moving Services

  • Rearrange furniture
  • Store items in another part of home during a remodel
  • Clear space for a special event or party
  • Stage home for sale
  • Hang/reposition art or antiques

Move large or unwieldy items within home (treadmills, pianos, and safes)

Maximize the potential of your home

The Perfect Move professionally executes office moving for businesses of any size that require moving services.

Considering what you have riding on your office moving or commercial moving project, making sure your office relocation goes smoothly is as important as if you were moving your family to a new house.

As a business customer you can take advantage of the same award winning commercial moving service that has earned The Perfect Move its high quality reputation among residential moving customers for many years.

Office relocations conducted efficiently and effectively

Office moving conducted after hours or weekends to minimize business impact

Office movers experienced in managing crews of two to twenty men

Packing services and delivery of commercial crates and labels

Storage facilities, including climate control storage for any sensitive equipment

Commercial references from loyal business customers

Questions and Answers

  • What do you recommend to know before hiring you?
Address for all stops , good contact number, good idea of everything that is to be moved, date and estimated time for the move
  • How can we save money hiring you?
72 Ways to Save on Your Move1. The Floor Plan.2. Color-Coordinate Your Move.3. Ignore the "I Might Need It Someday" Syndrome.Don't move the riding mower to an apartment. Part with tools you won't have a place to use. And remember, junk is junk. You don't need a furnished attic.4. Book Learning.5. Plan for Plants.6. It's Not Dirt Cheap.7. The Shirt Off Your Back.8. The Sound of Money.9. Toys -- The Kids'.10. Toys -- Yours.11. Food for Thought.12. Handyman Heavies.13. Rugs.14. The Swing Set.15. Firewood.A pool table requires special handling. Your best shot might be to sell it and then replace it at your new destination.17. Musical Notes.18. Bah Humbug.19. Don't Be Fuelish.20. Can Your Aerosol Cans.LIQUIDATE OR DONATE21. Have a Garage Sale.22. Advertise in the Classifieds.23. Donate to Your Favorite Charity.SELL IT LIKE IT IS24. From Chandeliers to Ceiling Fans.25. Appliances.26. Verify Type of Power.27. Hearth and Home.28. Shelving Systems.29. TV Antenna.We've been asked to move them before! Sell them with the house and save yourself time, trouble and money.VALUABLE INFORMATIONMISCELLANEOUS MONEY, TIME AND HEADACHE SAVERS32. Coordinate Your Move.33. Notify Telephone, Electric, Gas and Water Companies.34. Write each utility in the city to which you're moving.35. Notify Laundryman and Newspapers to discontinue service.36. Notify Security Company, Lawn Service, Garbage Disposal Service or any other type of regular service.37. Check Your Bank and Savings Accounts.38. Notify Your Post Office, Publications and Correspondents in advance.39. Notify Former Employers and the Social Security Administration.This will simplify obtaining information for income tax purposes.40. Collect Any Deposits.41. Check with Orthodontist, Obstetrician, etc.42. Check Your Homeowners Insurance.43. If You Sold It, Don't Move It.44. Membership Fees.45. Lockers and Cleaners.46. Call Toll-Free.47. Check on Car or Installment Loans.48. Transfer all Insurance Records.49. Close any Revolving Charge Accounts with department stores or specialty shops not located in your destination city.50. Notify National Credit or Charge Card Organizations.52. Arrange for Payment of Your Mover at Destination. Unless charges are to be billed to your employer or the cost of your move has been charged to your personal credit card, payment by cash, certified check or money order is required at your destination.THE BETTER THE PACKING, THE BETTER THE MOVE53. Don't Use Newspaper for Packing.54. Pack Toilet Articles and Medicines separately in small containers. Be sure corks and caps are secure.55. Don't Pack Too Compactly.56. Arrange for Proper Servicing of Your Appliances.57. Leave Fitted Sheets on Mattresses to protect them.59. Put Heavy Items on the Bottom and them fill up with lighter things. Use smaller cartons for books, cast-iron cookware, etc.60. Pack Your Current Phone Book to contact friends or businesses in your former location.61. Indicate Contents on the Outside of the Carton.62. Combine Items You'll Need Immediately Upon Arrival in one box. Designate it "Unload First." Include necessities like toilet paper, paper towels, cups, a can opener, soap, etc.SAVE ON TAXES64. Keep a Detailed Record and Receipts of Your Moving Expenses -- including transportation, lodging, meals, etc. If you are moving because of a change in principal place of employment, such reasonable expenses are deductible. Check with the Internal Revenue Service or your accountant for specifics.65. Keep a Record of the Costs of Improvements made in your home through the years and any expenses associated with the sale of your home, including realtor fees or classified costs.66. & 67. Insurance and Inventory.68. Pick Your Mover Like You Picked Your Possessions. Very Carefully.Because it's not just anybody's furniture -- it's your collection. Trivia or treasures, miscellaneous or heirlooms, your possessions are a part of your personality and lifestyle. They're what will make your new home uniquely you. A proven, professional mover is your best assurance of a good move.69. Don't Be Sold By a Low Estimate.70. An Estimate Is Only as Accurate as You Are.71. Check the Record.72. Ask Someone Who Knows.
  • What types of jobs are the most common?
Local household and apartment moves seem to be the most common moves we encounter. On average we are completing over 3500 moves per year successfully with zero damage.
  • What is important to know about your profession?
IF YOU ARE MOVING IN 2012.... PLEASE READ:To all who are looking at moving this year, I suggest you start planning now if you are within 6 months of the move. We are not going to see any decrease in the fuel I believe we all thought was going to happen.There are some moving companies out there that are doing guaranteed estimates for 6 months if you sign within 30 days. They will also allow you changes of days but the cost for a Thursday thru Monday loading date change could increase your price.I do not expect to see these 6 month estimates staying around to much longer with the continual increasing price of fuel.I have also taken an excert form the Military to post here that even warns their members about the moving season." The time period between 15 June and 31 July is the peak of the HHG moving season. If at all possible, members should avoid moving their HHG during this period. In past years HHG moves scheduled during this time frame which have been confirmed by both the transportation office and the TSP are routinely canceled or rescheduled on short or no notice due to lack of TSP personnel or equipment to actually conduct the move. These changes often put members in an untenable situation with other activities scheduled around their HHG movement. Because of these unpredictable changes, it is highly recommended members avoid requesting their HHG shipment between 15 June and 31 July."TSP is Transportation Service Provider ( The Van Lines)The last minute moves always opens yourself up to problems, scam and of course complaints.PLEASE PLAN AHEAD IF AT ALL POSSIBLE. This even goes for rental trucks!
  • How many projects do you average in a year?
We average 1000+ moves per year and we continue to dominate the industry. We have over 10 competent employees and a fleet of 8 trucks.
  • Do you offer any service after finishing the work?
Packing & Moving Starting at $25 Hr.Why are we different from other local moving companies?​We have exceptional moving skills and problem solving skillsWe tackle moves small and large, with any level of complexityWe offer the best possible value for your moving budgetWe have over 15 combined years of local moving experience which has earned us numerous awardsStorage starting at $70 per Month​Full Service Storage Facilities and Services include:Long term storage and short term storage availableCompetitively priced storage offers exceptional valueSame care and professionalism from our highly trained movers who provide award winning moving servicesSafe storage and preparation of belongings, including padding needed for damage free storageClimate-controlled rooms for piano storage, fine artwork, books, and wine storageMoving Supplies​
  • Free Protective Mattress Covers
  • Free Packing Tape ​
  • Free use of Moving Blankets
  • Free use of appliance dollies
Free use of Tools for assembly and dis assembly of furniture or appliancesFree use of Moving Straps
  • What we may not know about you?
We are Family owned and Operated. Under Female ownership. We Strive to make your next move The Perfect Move
  • What are you most proud of?
All of them! We have a zero damage policy and have had no claims since we have been in business. All of our movers are professionally trained and take pride in their work.
  • What kind of questions do customers ask you?
Are you Licensed and Insured? YesWhat is something is damaged? We take care of it
  • What questions should a customer ask before hiring you?
  • Are you Licensed and Insured?
  • What is your License #?
  • What does the insurance cover?
  • Do you charge by the full hour?
  • How did you get started?
ABOUTThe Perfect Move Moving & Storage Company was launched as a Denver moving company in 2012 by Angela Teague, and has expanded to locations in Boulder, Ft. Collins, Littleton and Aurora. The company has always taken the "Perfect" part of its name very seriously, doing everything possible to deliver professional, caring, and competent full service moving services.
Denver, CO 80216
   (720) 385-7843
Contact Angela Teague

We are fully Licensed and Insured with the Denver Public Utilities Commission also also screened and approved with Service Magic.

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