The Project Guy, LLC

Inside & Outside Repairs in Bozrah, CT

Bozrah, CT

About The Project Guy, LLC

My name is Rick Guenard and I own The Project Guy, LLC. I provide services to Eastern Connecticut region. I offer both inside and outside repairs and upgrades.

My services include:

Inside - Painting, general electrical and plumbing repair, drywall, floors, doors, windows, and organization.

Remodeling cost guides

Handyman Cost
Typical average cost to hire a handyman in Bozrah is over $110 - $320 (per project basis e.g. fixing tiles)

64 Cedar Lane
Bozrah, CT 06334
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Payment options
Rick Guenard accepts cash and checks
Cities served
Manchester, Middletown, Norwich, Groton, Vernon Rockville, Glastonbury, New London, Westerly and Bozrah
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