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About The Spa Specialist of NC

The Spa Spcialist of NC offers expert spa and hot tub repair and can handle all makes and models. From minor leaks to full spa refurbishing, we do it all. We offer the best performing parts in the industry.

Why replace equipment that is bound to fail again when you can install parts that are more energy efficient, reliable and have stronger therapeutic performance.

Even if your spa is in working condition, we specialize in spa upgrading. You can have high performance upgrades installed such as pumps, blowers and jets.

We can actually install jets exactly where you need the therapy the most. Spas are supposed to provide physical therapy. So why settle for a glorified bath tub.

Does your spa consume excess amounts of power during the winter months? The Spa Specialist has solved your problem. The D.A.I.T (Dynamic Automatic Insulation Technology) system can be installed on any existing spa.

It automatically over insulates the spa during the winter months and ventilates in the summer months. Thus giving you the insulation you need without over heating the equipment. It has been proven to reduce the power consumption by half during fall, winter, and spring. This upgrade will pay for itself within 16 months.

Matthew Arjuna


All aspects of hot tub repair, upgrading, and installation. Including pumps, blowers, leaks, heaters, filtration, electrical and any other part of the spa or hot tub that may need repair or replacement.

Remodeling cost guides

Hot Tub Repair Cost
Total cost to repair a hot tub in Raleigh is about $680 - $1,940 (annually, fixing of appliances, replacement of worn-out parts, and minimal upgrading of parts)

Hot Tub Installation Cost
Typical average cost to install a hot tub in Raleigh is about $3,400 (5'x6'x30')

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Matthew Arjuna accepts cash and checks
Cities served
Raleigh, Greensboro, Winston Salem, Fayetteville, Durham, High Point, Greenville, Cary, Chapel Hill, Lexington and other cities within 150 miles of Raleigh.
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