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Remodeling cost guides

Interior Painting Cost
Typical cost to paint the whole house in Omaha is about $1,530 - $3,240 (living room, hallways, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms)

Interior Design Cost
Typical cost to hire an interior designer in Omaha is about $50 - $180 (per hour, small project)

Interior Staircase Installation Cost
Typical cost to install an interior staircase in Omaha is about $3,600

Feng Shui Design Cost
Typical average cost to implement feng shui design in Omaha is over $450 (one in-person consultation for an average home by a consultant)

Interior Door Cost
Average cost to install an interior door in Omaha is over $450 (wood slab door plus painting)

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Payment options
Melissa Mroczek accepts cash, checks, Paypal and credit cards
Hourly rate: From $75 to $100


Cities served
Omaha, Lincoln, Sioux City, Council Bluffs, Bellevue, Norfolk, Fremont, Columbus and Papillion
Services offered

A living/great room remodel. The clients were wonderful to work with, and the change to the space was so drastic that it's hard to believe it is the same room. We also chose some unique and beautiful materials, like a textured wall panel and metallic wallpaper, that really enhanced the overall look of the space.

Kitchen remodels/updates, bathroom remodels, basement finishing, family room / great room remodel, new construction finish selection

Moving furniture around my parents' house at about age 10 then designing my first bedroom at age 12, when I got to move into a Big Girl Bedroom in the basement.

A follow-up check-in to see how the space is living for them and to get feedback on the overall design process with the aim of improving our service.

1) Budget - the number one item that you should know is how much you are comfortable spending on your project. Whether it is a small or large sum, any design professional will need this to guide every decision on the project, so it is critical that you have an idea of what you are willing to spend.

2) Examples of what you like - tear out magazine pages, create Pinterest boards, create Houzz idea books…from specific ideas that you like to the general feel of a space, this will guide the style of what a design professional creates for you.

3) Examples of what you DO NOT like! If there is something that you absolutely cannot stand, communicate this clearly as well. (Sometimes this is easier for people than identifying what they DO like!)

Good design involves planning, lots of attention to details, and often time. Every project is comprised of scope, schedule and budget and it is a give and take among them. It is better to spend the time upfront to get things right, rather than hashing through them when your home is a messy construction zone!

Remodeling, renovating and building can be very stressful for the average person; a design professional is the single best resource to minimize the stress and get you to the end with a smile!

Know your personal limits and use professionals. Lots of folks think they will save money by doing things themselves but get in over their head and end up spending more time and ultimately a lot more money to fix what would have been handled properly up front by an experienced design or construction professional.

I spent time living in both Mexico and Puerto Rico and absolutely love Latin American culture! I would love to visit South America someday, especially Argentina and Chile.


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