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Here at The Wissler Company, we are an eclectic business providing the following services in Cambridge City, Indiana:

  • Video Surveillance Equipment Sales and Service
  • Martial arts instruction
  • Consultation in commercial loss prevention
  • We no longer supply fireworks!

# We are no longer providing TV service of any kind!!!

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We specialize in the following services:

  • Video Surveillance Equipment Sales and Service
  • Martial arts instruction
  • Consultation in regards to loss prevention in the commercial environment.


The Aibudo Martial Arts System is an eclectic system made up of several martial arts roots. All working together in harmony for not only the traditional but of today's world.

There are many "brands" of video surveillance products and we attempt to service as many of them as we can.

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When looking for a video service professional, you want one who will complete the required result the first time and not require several follow-ups.

For martial arts, you want training that is important to you as an individual and fees that are not out of line for the area of which you reside.

Expanding more into the video surveillance industry. As crime is always "in our face" in our current environment, video surveillance is much more important in both deterring and recording criminal acts that have taken place.

As far as the Television industry is concerned, the general public just isn't able to understand the complexities of maintaining the proper test equipment and staying up with the never ending changes in the technology. I'm not sure how it happened, but the consumer in general has been "brainwashed" into believing that televisions made today aren't worth repairing. There are instances, particularly with the smaller screen sets, whereas the cost of repair is generally not feasible. The larger screen sets of 36" above may be. It's worth the trip to the shop to have the set checked to see. If a $400 set can be repaired for under $150, it's worth the trip.

As far as the martial arts goes, no one outside the industry is able to understand it. It can take half of a lifetime to grasp what it is all about. Just as the saying goes, "sight is week, perception is strong". You can attempt to explain it, but when the "junior" in the system is unable to function within it, they feel that it is impossible. Only by witnessing a "senior" function within the "perception" can they partially believe in it. Even then, most feel that there is trickery involved. Of which, there is not. Only by advancing up the "fighters ladder" will one ever truly understand the martial arts.

In my area, I am an "open book" as I have lived here all of my life.

Continued availablilty after the sale, service and/or instruction.

For video surveillance service, we are always available for future repair or consultation in that area.

For martial arts instruction, the "work" is never finished. The martial arts are a way of life and not just a physical entity.

Introduced to electronics service when I was 14 years old. Became employed in the electrical and refrigeration service field in 1960 as an "on the road" service tech for Miller Coporation.

From 1966 to 1969, I was "employed" in the Army as an electronics instructor at Fort Monmouth New Jersey. After my military stint, I returned to the electrical and refrigeration field and started also full time in electronics service.

Began martial arts training the 1980 and became a martial arts instructor in 1984. Founded the Aibudo Martial Arts System in 1985 and am still active to this day in all aspects of The Wissler Company.

For the video service industry, the most frequent question is, "how much is going to cost"? That question is most always impossible to answer until you have had an opportunity to inspect the equipment. If I could determine the cost of repair over the phone before looking at a TV, I would be a millionaire.

Please note our new

For each television brought in for diagnosis/service we have a $25 diagnostic fee.

At the time the set(s) are brought in, we require a total of $75 for each set. If an when the television(s) are picked back up, $50 will then be returned for each.

We keep $25 each for our diagnostic fee.

Plenty of "word of mouth" history.


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