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About Therma Breeze, Inc.

Therma Breeze, Inc. is a solar contracting company specializing in:

  • Solar electricity
  • Solar domestic water heating
  • Solar pool heating
  • Solar pumping
  • Solar pumping design, installation and service

We service the entire West Texas region. We have solar installations in Amarillo, El Paso, Lubbock and all surrounding areas.

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We specialize in all kinds of solar:

  • Solar electricity
  • On-Grid and Off-Grid Systems
  • Solar domestic water heating
  • Solar pool heating
  • Solar pumping
  • Solar LED Lighting

We will design, install and service your solar equipment.


We are authorized installers for numerous solar modules and solar equipment. We offer brands that are both exclusively made in the USA, as well as quality brands of products made from other countries around the world.

Remodeling cost guides

Energy Audit Cost
Average cost to do an energy audit in Lubbock is over $120 (moderate home energy audit with blower door test)

Solar Panel Installation Cost
Typical average cost to install solar panels in Lubbock is over $28,080

Solar Water Heater Installation Cost
Typical cost to install a solar water heater in Lubbock is over $4,680 - $13,260

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NABCEP certification for solar electric systems. Certified Sharp solar module installer. Certified Oncor Utility service provider for solar electric systems. Affiliated with numerous solar institutions.

Cities served
Lubbock and Plainview
Services offered

I would like customers to know that solar design is a combination of art and science. Proper design of a system requires both knowledge and experience, and solar companies can vary greatly in this area. Choose your contractor wisely and choose Therma Breeze for the best quality job from design to installation of the system.

Our company has continued to grow at a steady and even pace each year. Since a solar project can vary greatly in size and complexity, it is hard to project an average number of projects annually. However, we are usually busy installing systems all year long, and this year looks to be our busiest ever!

Most systems for solar electricity that are installed in the US are grid tied only systems. However, in West Texas, we see all kinds of installations that are grid tied and also those that include battery back up systems. For systems that need solar for water heating, swimming pools are the only way to go to affordably heat your pool for an eight to nine month swimming season.

A customer needs to know how long the company has been in business and how many installations have been done that are equal to the type and size of the prospective installation. It is also important that for solar electricity installations that the company be a licensed electrical contractor with a good track record.

I live in a rural area close to Lubbock, Texas. I am currently in the process of installing a grid tied battery backup system on my own home for my electricity needs, as well as a solar water heating system, with plans in the near future for solar pumping for irrigation purposes, so I can honestly say that I live with the technology that I install.

We offer a great labor warranty in addition to support for any questions that may arise after the installation. Remote System Monitoring packages give us the ability to see any alerts generated by your system, allowing prompt and targeted response to any possible problems. Our excellent service makes us a company you can count on.

We like to ask the home or business owner to request a 12-month history of the electricity bills from their utility company. This helps us analyze some data regarding past energy consumption at the site.

The best job I ever had in my younger days was being a solar installer. I love doing the work and I love the technology that produces clean, renewable energy that is sustainable. I noticed a need for a solar company in West Texas so I started Therma Breeze, Inc. and it is still the best job I've ever had!

The first thing I like to suggest to homeowners looking to save money is: "Don't put a smart solar system on a dumb house regarding energy efficiency!" You can make a lot of progress towards making your home as energy-efficient as possible before trying to add solar energy to it. This will result in a smaller-sized solar system for an energy-efficient home, thus saving money overall and improving the return on investment.

We have done every kind of installation possible with solar electricity, and I am very proud of all of them! I am particularly proud of installing a 16kW solar electric system on the roof of the Xcel Energy Call Center building in Amarillo, Texas. That system has performed perfectly, even when it needs to interact with Xcel's emergency backup generators. I am extremely happy with the overall performance of that particular installation.

The most frequent question is always about a solar panel's resistance to hail damage, which is understandable in our region. The answer is: In order for a solar module to be UL approved in the US, it must endure numerous lab tests, one of which involves shooting an 1 1/2" diameter hail stone directly at the module at 65 mph. It must withstand this test in order to be a UL listed (approved) solar module for sale in the US.


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